CODE NAME: Emerald Green on Amazon.com

CODE NAME: Emerald Green book trailer on YouTube

DAYTRIP: The Spy Who Came In From The Rain on Amazon.com

DAYTRIP: The Spy Who Came In From The  Rain book trailer on YouTube

CODE NAME: Monte Rico on Amazon.com (Read the first three chapters for free.)

CODE NAME: Monte Rico book trailer on YouTube

Town Not For Sale: A Tale of Sex, Hatred, and Corporate Politics (Read the first 22 pages for free.)


At age ten, D. Lanier Shook declared he wanted to be a writer. Four years earlier he’d written “Our Fourfathers,” figuring “forefathers” referred to his four grandfathers. Even though he’s polished his style and done a little more research, his enthusiasm remains.

Being homeschooled in Asheville, North Carolina gave D. Lanier the flexibility to focus on geopolitics, science, and literature. Those three interests fill the pages of the books he’s published and the ones he’s currently writing. In high school he was introduced to authors who became influences in his writing — authors like Samuel Clemens, Ian Fleming, Agatha Christie, Frederick Forsyth, Homer, Jane Austen, and Tom Clancy.

“Characters drive stories, both in real life and on the page.” D. Lanier says. “Their stories and their motives may not make the news, but they make great books. That’s what I’m trying to share with my readers- the stories that characters create.”

Like Jane Austen’s novels, D. Lanier Shook’s books occur against a backdrop of well-known world events, but focus on the less prominent stories. CODE NAME: Emerald Green takes place in the political world near the end of the Soviet Union but focuses on a jewel theft in Spain. CODE NAME: Monte Rico draws its inspiration from a single, obscure event in the ‘War on Drugs’ but investigates poverty, social justice, and Andean politics. Town Not For Sale is set against the question of development in small town America but focuses on workplace relationships between men and women.

“I don’t believe an author should limit himself.” D. Lanier says, citing Samuel Clemens as a role model. “Huckleberry Finn is written in a very different style than The Prince and The Pauper. Yet both are incredible examples of character-driven literature. For me personally there are too many stories to tell to stay in one genre.”

His first three books are all geopolitical thrillers along the lines of Tom Clancy and Ian Fleming. He’s busy working on a two more but just released his debut novel, Town Not For Sale. It explores small town life, workplace politics, and interpersonal conflicts that are familiar to all his readers.

“I’m writing stories that you’ll find interesting on several levels. The characters will be recognizable and you will enjoy spending time in the setting. But I’ll always include that extra something that you may not expect. That’s what makes it so much fun.”


Please contact D. Lanier Shook at dlaniershook@yahoo.com.


D. Lanier Shook releases Town Not For Sale, his debut novel.

May 19, 2014       Asheville, North Carolina

D. Lanier Shook is pleased to announce the release of his debut novel, Town Not For Sale, a story of sex, hatred, and workplace politics. It’s about two women and the man who victimized them. But he’s not fully satisfied and has returned to destroy all they hold dear.

Town Not For Sale reflects today’s dynamic business environment where rising stars jockey for power and corporations desperately fight for market share. In a world where last year’s success story is today’s bankruptcy this book goes behind the scenes to explore why companies do what they do. You see, profit isn’t always the only motive.

To read a free excerpt of Town Not For Sale just search Amazon.com for D. Lanier Shook. Editors and reviewers should contact D. Lanier Shook to inquire about a free review copy.

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