So this is a travel blog and I travel alot. That means I have to do alot of work on the road and that means coffeeshops. In the decade that I’ve written about travel I’ve been in a lot of coffeeshops — in fact I’m in one right now.

Over the years I’ve been to lots of coffeeshops and wished I could tell everyone about them, so now I’m going to. This Encyclopedia is written from a pure business person’s point-of-view. That means some cafes won’t be here. If I feel its not a place for folks to hang and work, well, I won’t include it. (Those are still great, but they won’t be here.) For example, while I’ve done alot of work in McDonald’s I know of at least one with a sign saying folks can’t be there more than 30 minutes. Which is their business, but they won’t be in this list.

This is for people who need space to work, to meet, and to chill. The food is great, but we’re here for the coffee and the wifi. We’re here for the outlets. So hang on and prepare to meet the Coffee Shops I like.

CRAVE COFFEE, Mauldin, South Carolina

This is a great coffee shop for its LOCATION. Google 1099 E Butler Road Greenville and you’ll see what I mean. Its a block from Woodruff Road and a block from I-385. There are literally three ways to get there — four depending on the time of day, since Feaster Road tends to get backed up around 5 pm.

The coffee shop is located in a small shopping center, so parking usually isn’t a problem. They have plenty of seating and workspace. There are two outlets “areas,” so I’d advise charging up your laptop before you go.

This is the perfect place to meet your clients or friends. There’s lots of seating and the food is great. Crave is owned by Seasons Cafe and Catering with awesome food. I could taste the herbs in the potato salad and the sharp cheddar was remarkably sharp. So click here to visit their website and then check them out in Greenville. Go by at least once — you won’t regret it.