LIFESTYLE: Three Reasons To Get a Biltmore Annual Pass

By D. Lanier Shook                                                      July 20, 2014

The Biltmore Estate is a great place to visit. The House, the Gardens, and the Shops are well worth spending a day. In fact, to get the full value of admission you’re going to have to arrive when they open and stay until they close. So, here are five reasons you should just go ahead and sign up for an Annual Pass.

1. It Saves You Money

The price of a single admission is between fifty and a hundred dollars, while the price of an Annual Pass is $149. For the price of two visits you can go on the Estate any day of the year. Do the math and then click here to learn about buying an Annual Pass.

2. You Can Enjoy It All Year Long

Perhaps the best part of the Annual Pass is the ability to enjoy the Estate every day. Unless you’ve spent time on the Biltmore Estate you can’t fully appreciate what it has to offer. There is so much in the House beginning with the art, the furniture, and the architecture. Then you’ll want to spend time in the Gardens. In fact, to appreciate just how much the Estate offers you need to click here and check out this map.

3. Don’t forget Antler Hill Village

Antler Hill Village is a place you could spend a day at. Between the shops, the dining, the farm, and the museum it’s easy to walk back to the car and realize four or more hours have gone by. The Legacy Center and Exhibition Theater always features an amazing exhibit. Click here to read our article about the Tiffany Glass Exhibit or click here to read our article about their Exhibit on the Vanderbilt Family. So click here to visit the Antler Hill Village’s homepage.

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