Waynesville’s Wildflower Blue Bakery is a True Geographic Easter Egg Straight Out of Harry Potter

By D. Lanier Shook                         November 23, 2019

Seriously, with a facade like that, how can you not go inside. (The owner promised me it is precisely as big on the inside as it is on the outside.)

Sometimes great travel destinations are pretty obvious and sometimes they’re more like an Easter Egg in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Well, standing outside the Wildflower Blue Bakery in Waynesville the only thing on my mind was a good cup of coffee. But as soon as I opened the door I knew I’d found so much more. The Wildflower Blue Bakery in Waynesville is more than a bakery or even a store … the founder Kelly has managed to make it into a true geographic Easter Egg you have to visit. (Attention bibliophiles, this was originally the Waynesville Library and then was the Christmas Tree Store for years.)

This is the inside … seriously this is the inside. Is Kelly a genius or what?

If you want travel experiences — not to mention a great place to take selfies — then this is a must-stop especially during the holidays. It really feels like an other-worldly experience. I mean, all of downtown Waynesville has a magical feel to it, but Wildflower Blue Bakery is that feeling on steroids. This place has only been open about a month, but I believe its going to be a Waynesville staple and would love for you to be able to say “I remember when it first opened.”

As amazing as it is Wildflower Blue Bakery has an equally amazing backstory. Kelly didn’t start out to run a bakery. The woman I interviewed behind the counter was originally one of those brave folks who run toward danger instead of away from it — an EMS. While working in trauma at Mission Hospital she began baking as a coping mechanism to relieve the stress that comes with that job. Other folks liked her decorative cookies so much she was able to sell them on ETSY. In fact so many folks enjoyed her cookies that she ended up opening a kitchen space in Canton that would become the first Wildflower Blue Bakery location.

The Waynesville location at 113 North Main Street is the second store for this dynamic business. Its also where they’ll be hosting a ticketed cookie decorating party prior to the Waynesville Christmas Parade on December 9. Kids — and adults — are invited by Kelly to bring their chair and use it to reserve their spot along the parade route and then pop inside and decorate cookies and gingerbread men. Specifcally, she told me. “As soon as they’re done decorating the cookies the parade will start.” Sounds like a plan to me.

And here’s what you’ve been waiting for — the baked goods.

Not only is this a great place to visit full of incredible baked goods, it has above average connections to the community. Since Kelly’s husband is a disabled veteran — and director of Haywood County Veteran Services — she’s made it a priority to hire veterans. Kevin, a great dude who completely twisted my arm to sell me a pumpkin mousse and a cup of coffee is a veteran as well. Its a great example of what kind of place Waynesville is and why I really love to visit.

You’ll want to click here to visit their website and find out about what else Wildflower Blue Bakery has to offer. (Yes, there is even more.) That’s where you can also follow links to read about what other publications have to say about what Kelly has to offer. (Last June WNC Parent actually ran a article about the bakery.)

Although I could say so much more about this magical spot, hopefully you’ve gotten the idea of what a magical location it is. Whether you’re looking for a good spot for a selfie, a magical experience with your children or spouse, a warm place to hang out while waiting for the Christmas Parade to start or just a really good snack, you need to visit this place. It is truly a travel Easter Egg.

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