Southeast Willys Jeep Get Together

by D. Lanier Shook                    October 14, 2019

There are many events going on every day in our area and it helps when folks pass them along. A few weeks ago Suzie Pressley, a expert Drone Pilot in Haywood County (you can catch her great drone footage by clicking here to follow her Twitter Account) told me about the Southeast Willys Jeep Get Together in Mills River, North Carolina on the campus of Grace Community Church. This is the “Jeep,” the ubiquitous World War II secret weapon that the US Army used until it was replaced by the Humvee. I’m sharing a few photos of the event not just because they’re awesome, but also to encourage you to look for these smaller events around the area. By the way, if you’re interested in the Jeep Get Together group just click here to visit their website.

2 responses to “Southeast Willys Jeep Get Together

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