by D. Lanier Shook                            October 9, 2019

Is it just me or do the events keep getting better and better? This weekend has sooo much its hard to write this article. There’s Fall For Greenville, TwentyOne Pilots, the Hardlox Jewish Festival, so much good theater, and a cornhole tournament. I don’t how you’re gonna have time to get to it all. You’re gonna need another weekend to recover from the weekend!

There are a few events that I have to say something about. First of all the gun show is at the Greenville Convention Center this week and if you’ve never been to this one its an event you should go to. not for the guns that are for sale, but for the ones that are on display. If you’re interested in history this is the place to be. You’ll see items you’ve only read about, including pepperbox revolvers and weapons from literally every period in history.

The Pumpkin Fest in Brevard sounds like alot of fun, so don’t neglect it — at least visit their website. (Seriously, you’ve got to love a place that will be featuring a musical act named Unpaid Bill and the Bad Czechs.) The Family Fiesta Concert in Greer sounds like — pun intended — a great way to enjoy some music from literally everywhere south of our border. Of course, I have to mention Twenty One Pilots coming to Greenville Friday night.

Don’t laugh at the Cornhole Tournament this weekend — there’s $3500 of prize money up for grabs. There are alot of art events here — and even more that I don’t have space to list. Remember Christmas is coming up and these events are the perfect place to find the perfect gift.

You also need to know that Biketoberfest in Charlotte is a charity event for Sustain Charlotte involving bicycles — so leave your Harley at home and take your mountainbike. The Outdoor Market at the Whitewater Center is like a gun show for outdoors folks, except where you can test the gear. If you like the outdoors you have got to click on that link. And if you are an outdoor enthusiast you may also be a 5K person — somebody who collects 5K t-shirts. If that’s the case check out the Walk For Life in Columbia this weekend.

And last but not least, indulge me while I mention the Franklin Graham Decision America Tour coming to Western North Carolina this weekend. To all those going, arrive early for good parking and seating. Also, if you’re not out the door right after its over, just sit there for about fifteen minutes. Not only will it be safer, but you’ll look cooler than if you’re doing the “Sunday morning Two-Step” out the door. Like any event, the same applies to parking. Wait about half an hour and you’ll breeze right out.

  1. South Carolina State Fair in Columbia
  2. Fall For Greenville
  3. Spartanburg Ghost Trolley Tours
  4. Hardlox Jewish Food and Heritage Festival in Asheville
  5. Outdoor Market at the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte
  6. Pumpkin Fest in Brevard
  7. 2019 Walk For Life in Columbia
  8. Art in the Park in Asheville
  9. Biketoberfest in Charlotte
  10. Fall for Main Street in Spartanburg
  11. Twenty One Pilots in Greenville
  12. Outdoor Hiker Challenge at Camp Croft in Spartanburg
  13. Carolina Bonsai Exhibit in Asheville
  14. Franklin Graham Decision America Tour in Hickory, Charlotte, and Asheville
  15. American Cornhole in Greenville
  16. Spartanburg Philharmonic Season Opener
  17. Lake Julian Fall Festival in Asheville
  18. God Meant It For Good in Taylors
  19. Museum of Oz at the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia, SC
  20. Family Fiesta Concert in Greer
  21. First Citizens Benefit Gala at Zealandia: Of Valley and Ridge
  22. 25th Annual Festival of India in Charlotte
  23. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible in Greenville
  24. South Carolina Arms Collectors Association in Greenville

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