by D. Lanier Shook           September 25, 2019

Here’s another awesome list of things to do in Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina — with a twist. I’m trying to expand the list — you’ll see events in Charlotte and Columbia — so to avoid clutter I’ll just be listing them with the weblinks integrated into the title. I’m a little bummed about not telling you how enthusiastic about each event, but hopefully quantity will outweigh, um, my opinion.

But I can’t resist a few comments so here’s a second paragraph where I can say a little something. For example, I have to mention that there are several impressive theater productions on the docket for this weekend. As the summer movie season winds down fewer blockbusters will be more time available and this is a great time to check out theater.

Also, C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce has nothing to do with actual marital divorce just like here book Mere Christianity isn’t putting down Christianity as “mere.” Lewis was a Oxford don who lived in the 40s and worked in the 1440s (his day job was analyzing medieval fairy tales) so he used words a little different than we do now. Even you don’t go to the play at North Greenville University, read the book — its actually quite entertaining.

Oh yeah, and just by the way ORSON SCOTT CARD WILL BE IN GREENVILLE AT THE FICTION ADDICTION!!! Sorry, I just get a little excited when the author of Ender’s Game is in the neighborhood. Okay, I’ll calm down now.

Oh, one more thing — arrive early for the Triumph game — parking is … in short supply.

  1. Charlotte Film Festival
  2. Greenville Triumph Soccer Game
  3. Asheville Greek Festival
  4. Newsies Broadway Musical in Greenville
  5. Mamma Mia! in Spartanburg
  6. Asheville Coffee Expo
  7. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible in Greenville
  8. Asheville Quilt Show
  9. C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce
  10. Little Shop of Horrors in Greenville
  11. Nickelodeon’s JoJo Siwa in The DREAM Tour
  12. Autumn In the Mountains Car Show at Asheville Outlets
  13. Inman Harvest Day Festival
  14. Orson Scott Card


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