Its Time to ‘B’ in Marion, North Carolina for These Two Festivals

by D. Lanier Shook

Marion, North Carolina is an amazingly vibrant city that seems to be in the perfect location for trade, industry, and tourism. Its close to Asheville, Hickory, and Charlotte with great roads and wonderful outdoors adventures located all around. (But especially to the north in Linville Gorge and Mount Mitchell.) But one thing that makes Marion so vibrant is the wide variety of events the city hosts each year. Last year I wrote about the 44th Annual North Carolina Bluegrass Festival (click here to read the article) and this year I want to share about it and The Bigfoot Festival in Marion. (They both start with B — bluegrass & bigfoot, get it … never mind.

The 44th Annual North Carolina Bluegrass Festival was a real treat to attend last August. Held just west of Marion at the Tom Johnson Camping Center it featured the best Bluegrass music you’ve probably ever heard. Although my schedule meant I only spent a few hours there Saturday afternoon, it was a vibrant, inspiring experience. The crowds were friendly, the music was good, the food trucks were yummy, and the rain held off.


This year the Music Festival will be held on August 15, 16, and 17 at the same venue — an incredible pavilion at Tom Johnson’s Camping Center near Marion, North Carolina. For more information just click here to visit the Festival’s website. This is an amazing musical experience that brings in fans from all over the nation and they come here for good reason.

I’d love to talk more about the Bluegrass Festival since it allowed me to meet wonderful to meet several amazing Bluegrass artists I’ll share more about later, but I have to tell you about the other festival going on the next month — the Bigfoot Festival. (Click here to visit their Facebook page and get all the details.)

This incredible event will reveal itself on September 14 and if its anything like the one last year then it’s gonna be awesome. This is the Bigfoot Festival in Marion and whether you believe or not, you’ll still enjoy it. Last year’s was a very respectful treatment of the shy wonder with a touch of whimsy. The general attitude was “if Bigfoot is real this is where he’ll be.” Take a look at the art in the storefronts. If you like what you see then click here to find out more  or click here to read the local paper’s article  or click here to read about the Bigfoot Chase 5K. Either way, I will may see you there.


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