LIFESTYLE: Local Radio Station Wants To Make You Famous

by D. Lanier Shook                                    July 2, 2019

Are you a musician waiting to be discovered? Are you trying to figure out how to share your talent with others? Do you and your worship leaders want to inspire more people with the music you love? Both Danny Gokey and Kelly Clarkson were just like you, waiting to be discovered and — just like them — here’s an opportunity to showcase your talent in this offer by HIS Radio that you can’t refuse. They are launching their Local Artist Showcase just for folks like you who are looking to expand their circle. Here’s what you need to know to let others know you’re out there.

First, you will need a music video to upload so they can showcase you. Their music panel will review your music video, so you’ll want to produce a good one. I recommend one involving cats, particularly kittens. Maybe even a basket of kittens moving their heads in unison as they watch you sing.

“Wait, this isn’t American Idol … but the squirrel said his name was Simon.”

Second, if selected, your music video will be viewed by the audiences on the website and votes will be tallied. So get all your friends to vote. Promise you’ll send them cat videos if they do. (Or on the other hand, promise to send them cat videos if they don’t.)

“I didn’t vote for my friend’s video and now I’m as miserable as a cat sitting in a driveway on a rainy day — oh wait, I am a cat sitting in a driveway on a rainy day. Of all the days for the car not to be parked here.”

Third, prepare for the national spotlight when your video finally hits the big time. That’s because not only will your music be played all across the Southeast on HIS Radio, but you’ll also be interviewed on their video show which they will promote. So, click here to visit their website and get all the details.

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