The Future Of Upstate Travel Is Here

by D. Lanier Shook                     June 11, 2019

This November marks ten years that I’ve been operating this travel site and during that time its been through many changes. Today marks the latest: a whole new blog devoted to my readers in the Upstate of South Carolina. (The rest of y’all are free to read it, too.) May I introduce the newest member of my Travel Intelligence family: Upstate South Carolina Travel Intelligence.

Over the years I’ve noticed alot of our content has focused on the Upstate and alot of my readers are in the Upstate. The next logical step was to focus on this audience and bring them content to meet their specific needs. Right now is the perfect time to launch this site since its the beginning of summer and even if folks have a vacation planned, both time and funds are still stretched. (If your time and money aren’t stretched by plans for a great vacation, let me know — I could use an investor for the website.)

However, I must assure my loyal readers in Western North Carolina you will not be abandoned. Not only will I continue to bring you great content, but the new addition will bring even greater resources to your fingertips. The future is bright in both the Mountains and the Upstate.

Finally, I have to recommend you follow both sites. While both will feature great content, they are two separate sites and have two separate editorial teams. The proximity of the Upstate and the Mountains means everyone in Western North Carolina will be able to enjoy anything recommended in the Upstate.

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