ROADTRIP: Selfie Prop At Loudon Dam Near Knoxville

by D. Lanier Shook                   June 5, 2019

These days one thing seems to be the most important question of all: how do I get a good selfie? This is because selfies are a representation of who we see ourselves as and an invitation to the world to that most personal space. Of course, what you take the selfie with can make or break the selfie. (For a list of remarkable selfie-props within a day’s drive click here to read my article Five Out Of This World Selfie Spots To Visit.) Well, today I want to share another awesome selfie prop close to Knoxville, Tennessee.


Fort Loudon Dam at Lenoir City, Tennessee

Last year I decided to visit Knoxville, but The County instead of The City. (Click here to read my article about the Admiral Farragut Memorial I discovered in Farragut, Tennessee) I overshot the county line just a little and ended up in Lenoir City, but there was a great reason for it. They have a wonderful selfie prop all set up for us.


Since this photo doesn’t give enough proportion, I’ll find the selfie I took with it later. This is at least twenty feet tall.

This turbine probably came from a dam renovation years ago. Either way its a great thing to put in the background of a selfie. Just look up Fort Loudon Dam, or Lenoir City on your GPS (or Google it or click here to visit the city’s website).

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