LIFESTYLE: Upstate South Carolina Support Will Help Build The Korean War

By D. Lanier Shook                             May 21, 2019

Its safe to say that everyone reading this is aware of the threat to the world presented by North Korea and probably knows how this regime treats its citizens. What is not as well known is how twice as many people could be subjected to this regime if not for the efforts of the American soldiers who spent three years in the coldest place on Earth stopping Communist forces from seizing South Korea. It is high time this situation be corrected and that’s why God made The Korean War Wall of Remembrance. There are many folks in Upstate South Carolina who are trying to get this built, but they need our help.

Before I go any further I have to say that, yes, alot has happened since 1953, but that’s really no excuse to forget significance of the Korean War or the sacrifice of those who fought there. Perhaps the most shocking measure of their sacrifice and suffering is that the 40,000 killed between 1950-53 are roughly equal to the 58,000 killed in the Vietnam War which lasted from 1955 to 1975. That’s three years compared to twenty years. Yet this war has been largely forgotten.

This is where I have to mention how God-awful cold Korea is. The winds sweep in from Siberia and freeze that place to death. (I have it on good authority if you want the best cold-weather gear you should get thee to a Korean store.) In most conflicts the wounded to killed ratio is 3 to 1 but in Korea that was nearly reversed in several battles.

The Korean War Wall of Remembrance is a project in Washington, DC that will list the names of those killed in the Korean War. However, it has to be funded entirely by private funds, which is where you come in. Its estimated to cost a total of $26 million and its significant that South Korea will be paying half of this amount. The other $13 million will have to be raised by — hopefully — grateful Americans. (Source: Upstate Parent) 547 South Carolina citizens were either killed in action or taken prisoner during the Korean War and 55 of those came from Greenville County.  If you divide the amount by the total casualties this comes to $350 per name. (Source: Greenville News)

Last year I met Senator Lewis Vaughn at Greer’s Freedom Blast. Senator Vaughn has served citizens of South Carolina both in the legislature and on the boards of charities but before that he was an infantryman, leading other soldiers through Korea as they escorted American tanks. (Tanks seem very impregnable, but they’re really quite vulnerable, especially to infantry who can get in close and do lots of damage.)

I was impressed by Senator Vaughn’s compilation of Korean War records. The notebooks he had listed those from the Upstate who paid the ultimate sacrifice. The most touching part — to me at least — was the record of how and where they died. There’s just something about knowing that puts a face on these brave young men who were in a very foreign place protecting innocent men and women who they would never meet.

Fortunately you and I can help remember these young men who we’ll never meet — along with the veterans like Senator Vaughn who are still among us. Here are several links you can click to learn more about The Korean War Wall of Remembrance. Please click on them and consider contributing to this worthy cause.

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