Festival: Highlights From The 2019 SC Comicon

by D. Lanier Shook                              March 21, 2019

Recently I’ve been having trouble writing articles — but for a good reason. There’s just so much awesome stuff to cover. This is another one of those where I have to figure out how to share the experience of a huge venue filled with wall to wall pure creativity. How do you distill a room full of people dressed superheroes, people in homemade costumes, authors, illustrators, The Batmobile, the Ghostbusters wagon, the TARDIS, Stormtroopers, and even more into anything less than a novel sized book? The answer is — sadly — you don’t.

After a week of contemplation I finally decided to profile a few of the people that were there. It doesn’t help that my schedule limited me to only two hours there and that technology issues have prevented me from transferring the great photos I took. (I promise I’ll post some as soon as I can.) So, here we go.

1. WPPB The Pulse My Pulse Radio

When I was in high school I was thinking about games and … well, not radio. But there are a group of young people in Williamston, South Carolina who are on the right track and operating an award winning High School radio station. I’m excited to share their success story with you since its a great story of hard work, dedication, and good marketing. (They run a youth radio station and decided to get a booth at Comicon — that’s marketing genius.)

First of all, you need to click here and visit their website. You can check out their schedule and even listen to samples of their shows. I met several of the students there, including Maddy Harris, who hosts Midnight Think. That’s also a great place to find links to connect with them on social media. Keep an eye on these young people — they will be going places.


As a writer and a fan of new writers I have to mention Montana Stayer. This young lady wrote a short story for a school paper and turned it into a novel. Then she edited, designed, and illustrated it. Then she went to Comicon and marketed it.

Her book —The Subject and The Scientist — is an interesting study in what happens when science goes right, just not the way the scientists intended. Its a fascinating first person look at the dilemma that makes one wonder if somewhere on earth a scientist is in this very same situation.

Given the recent story of a Chinese scientist who genetically edited twin babies this novel is more relevant than ever. So click here to visit Montana’s website, click here to view her Instagram account, click here to follow her on Twitter, and click here to actually read part of her novel for free on Amazon (and then buy it, of course).


By the end of my two hours at SC Comicon the idea for this article was beginning to form — desperation is a great motivator — and that’s when I noticed Vet Huynh’s table. I had noticed it earlier because he was a comedian who made custom action figures and toys. But what convinced me to include him in the profile piece was his custom Porg Funkopop figure. You can find even more — Star Wars, Marvel, DC, TMNT — by clicking here to visit his website.


So, you enjoyed Lord Of the Rings, Narnia, Warcraft, or any other sword and sandal movies or games? Would you like to experience them? There’s a club for that. (And probably an app, too.) Click here to visit The Emerald Dale, a special place not too far away (in Cleveland Park) where on Saturday from noon to 5 you can enter that magical world. Specifically its a LARP group that will put you in the middle of the Tolkien-ish (is that a word?) action. (Now it is!)


Occasionally one sees a book so unique its grabs you from off the shelf. (I love the title of American Horror Story, although I think the show’s content is … disagreeable — I’m being restrained. To put it plainly while I don’t watch it the title is very well chosen.) So when I saw C. Michael Forsyth’s table I had to grab a brochure and I have to point you to his website. When you write titles like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini in The Adventure of the Spook House or Houdini vs. Rasputin you deserve notice. So click here to visit his equally well-titled website Freedom’s Hammer Productions.


Last but not least I have to mention Bridgit Connell. She’s an artist out of Concord who I promised to stop and say hi to at Comicon, but couldn’t since somehow I failed to read the map correctly. (I run a TRAVEL blog for crying out loud — how can I not read a map?!?!?!) So I’m mentioning her here to try and make up for it. Please help me out here and click here to visit her website. She’s a really good artist who’s done great work for a national comic book company and even done cards for Marvel.

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