FESTIVAL: You’ll Only Read It Here 2019 Asheville Flower Festival

By D. Lanier Shook                      February 19, 2019

You’re only going to read about the Asheville Flower Festival here because I just invented it. That’s because what I’m calling the “Asheville Flower Festival” is actually composed of two events: The Asheville Orchid Festival and Biltmore Blooms (at the Biltmore Estate). To me these two events combine to form an amazing opportunity to enjoy an amazing variety of flowers without driving too far.

Let’s talk about The Asheville Orchid Festival first. This will be held at the North Carolina Arboretum on April 6 and 7 by the WNC Orchid Society, who insist they only call themselves a “society” because it sounds better than a “flower club.” They have a really good website with lots of great information about orchids and beautiful photos of them. You can visit it by clicking here. If you’re really interested in orchids and the Orchid Festival just isn’t enough orchid for you there’s a monthly meeting at the wonderful Asheville Visitor’s Center conveniently located just off I-240 in the beautiful Montford neighborhood.

They’ve held Orchid Festivals before and this year the theme will be The Asheville Orchid Festival: An Orchid Expedition. On their website they say they “… hope to visually explore the early Victorian era orchid obsession that took enthusiasts around the globe in search of these special plants.” This is actually not the first year they’ve held the event at the Arboretum and you can take a look at photos from the 2015 Festival by clicking here to read a great article in the Asheville Citizen Times.

Here are some links that will provide with all the information you need to know about the 2019 Asheville Orchid Festival:

Click here to visit the North Carolina Arboretum’s website where they have a page dedicated to the event. This page lists the eight lectures that will occur on Saturday and Sunday,four daily. REMEMBER: The parking fee for the Arboretum still applies.

Click here to connect with the Western North Carolina Orchid Society on Facebook. That’s probably the best way to stay up to date with what they have going on. Even if you’re not interested in attending a meeting there are lots of beautiful orchid pics to tide you over until spring decides to actually show up.

So, the second part of the “Asheville Flower Festival” occurs on the grounds of The Biltmore Estate. While the Estate’s website lists all of the flowers blooming between April and October,the Biltmore I’m going to limit it to April and May. (Click here to read the entire list of foilage — its quite interesting.) This is also a great place to mention that the Biltmore Estate Season Pass is a super-value and you can click here to read our article listing four reasons why.

The Biltmore Blooms is an amazing place to take family, friends, or especially a date. (Wandering through flowers is a wonderful place to discuss your future in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.) The Biltmore Estate does a great job on everything and this is no exception, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Click here to read a great article the Citizen Times wrote about it in 2017. It really focuses on the tulips, but gives a great feel for the entire season.

Another good article about the flowers at Biltmore was written by Blue Ridge Mountain Life and you can read it by clicking here. This article actually features lots of awesome photos of the gardens at Biltmore, giving you an idea of what you can expect. I said it before, but Biltmore really does a great job.

And that’s the Asheville Flower Festival. Stop by the souvenir booth on your way out the door to pick up a mug or our t-shirt. We even have a photo booth where you can have your picture taken with a flowerpot on your head.

This is our photobooth — I’ll be done in a minute.


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