FESTIVAL: Fourth Annual Mountain State Fair Music Line Up

by D. Lanier Shook                     September 7, 2018

The North Carolina Mountain State Fair comes but once a year and has alot to offer. You already know about the rides and the food, but for four years we’ve been letting you know the background on some of the music acts so you can better choose which day to go. Each year we try out a different format and this year I’m providing you with links so you can visit these performers online and get an idea of who they are and what they have to offer. As always, click here to visit the Fair’s website and get all the details on tickets, rides, and other non-musical entertainment.

Years ago the Fair had a wider variety of music acts covering all genres, but for the past few years they’ve only offered mountain music — think bluegrass. Even so, the selection is varied and you still have to choose which ones you want to see. So here’s the list of who will be at the Mountain Music Festival broken down by day. But I must open this article with the one artist who’s been there every year.

Leon Jacobs, Jr.

The first thing you need to know about Mr. Jacobs is that by clicking here you can visit his website. Its full of photos, demos, a schedule of where he’s playing next, and a page where you can buy his CDs. Mr. Jacobs has been at the NC Mountain State Fair for nearly two decades. During that time he’s also shared other stages with some very famous musicians, including the late “Doc” Watson, Reba, and the Statler Brothers. To preview some of the gospel, rock, and Americana music he performs click here to visit his website.

Friday September 7

– 6:00 Letters to Abigail

Website Reverbnation Facebook  Twitter

– 6:50 Green Valley Cloggers


– 7:00 Virginia Dare Trio

This may be this group on YouTube

– 8:00 Green Valley Cloggers

Facebook Youtube

– 8:10 Muley Holler Gang

Facebook Livestream video of them at Feed and Seed

Saturday September 8

– 6:00 Rhiannon & The Relics
Facebook  Bold Life article Mountain Xpress article

– 6:50 Appalachian Mountaineers

I searched for this group but kept coming up with links to the ASU football team and their marching band.

– 7:00 The Waymasters


– 7:50 Fines Creek Flat Footers

Youtube Clip 1 Youtube Clip 2 Youtube Clip 3

– 8:00 True Grass


– 8:50 Appalachian Mountaineers

See entry above

– 9:00 Fines Creek Flat Footers

See entry above

Sunday September 9

– 2- 4:30 Mountain Music Jam Hosted by Don Lewis

Website bio The 828.com article
Please note: This is not Don Lewis the Electronic Music Musician (I think)

– 4:30 Split Rail

– 5:10 J Creek Cloggers

Facebook Youtube Clip 1 Youtube Clip 2

– 5:20 The Doghouse Band

Facebook Youtube Clip

– 6:00 Mountain Faith


NOTE: Yes, as far as I can tell this is the group that appeared on America’s Got Talent

Monday September 10

– 6:00 Jonah Riddle & Carolina Express


– 6:50 Mountain Thunder Cloggers


– 7:10 Whitewater Bluegrass Band


– 8:15 Carolina Chickpeas

Youtube Clip1  Youtube Clip 2

Tuesday September 11

– 6:00 Backline


– 6:40 Green Valley Cloggers
Facebook Youtube Clip 1 Youtube Clip 2

– 6:50 Sons of Ralph


– 7:40 Another Country


– 8:15 Green Valley Cloggers

See prior entry

– 8:25 Weary Travelers

Article 1 Article 2

Wednesday 9/12

– 6:00 The Clyves

Regrettably I couldn’t find this group on the Internet.

– 6:50 Buncombe Turnpike


– 7:45 Southern Connection Cloggers


– 8:10 Carol Rifkin, Jeanette Queen & Mark Queen


Thursday September 13

– 6:00 Peg Twisters


– 6:50 Blue Ridge Heritage Cloggers


– 7:00 Carolina Blue


– 7:55 Blue Ridge Heritage Cloggers

See prior entry

– 8:10 Bobby & Blue Ridge Tradition


Friday September 14

– 6:00 Lillian Chase & Friends

Youtube Clip 1 Youtube Clip 2 Youtube Clip 3

– 6:50 Southern Appalachian Cloggers


– 7:00 Andy Buckner

 Citizen Times article

– 7:55 Southern Appalachian Cloggers

See prior entry

– 8:10 Lynn Goldsmith and The Jeter Mountain Boys


Saturday September 15

– 6:00 The Stoney Creek Boys & Rhiannon

Website Moutain Xpress article

– 6:40 Stoney Creek Cloggers

Facebook Youtube Clip 1 Youtube Clip 2

– 6:50 Mountain Tradition Cloggers

Youtube Clip 1 Youtube Clip 2

– 7:00 Hickory Hollow Bluegrass Band


– 7:40 Dixie Darlin’ Cloggers


– 7:45 Mountain Tradition Cloggers

See prior post.

– 8:00 Front Porch Pickers

Youtube Clip

– 8:45 Dixie Darlin’ Cloggers

See prior post.

Sunday 9/16

– 2 – 4:30 Mountain Music Jam Hosted by The Saylor Brothers
Saylor Brothers’ Website

– 4:30 Cole Mountain Cloggers

Website 1 Facebook Youtube Clip

– 4:40 Audience of One

Regrettably could not find.

– 5:00 George & Brooke Buckner

Website 1 Website 2

– 5:45 Cole Mountain Cloggers

See prior post

– 6:00 Little Roy & Lizzy


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