APPEARANCES: 44th Annual NC State Bluegrass Festival

By D. Lanier Shook                             August 17, 2018

You are the most important part of this website. Without you — the audience — I might as well stand in a corner and talk to a brick wall. This is why I’ve started letting you know when I’ll be at events in the region. I’ve been at the events before, but I never realized the possibility of letting them do double duty as a venue to interact with my readers. Its been a great experience, getting feedback about future articles.

Tomorrow — God Willing — I’ll be at the 44th Annual North Carolina State Bluegrass Festival in Marion which will be on the grounds of the Tom Johnson Camping World. I plan to hang out from 4:45 to 8 pm. Although I will review the show, I’ll also be interacting with you all.

For more information about the festival itself click here to visit their website. For more information about my appearance click here to connect with my Twitter account, which is where I will post more information as tomorrow afternoon gets closer.

My previous appearances involved other celebrities

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