BUSINESS: EXPO Madison Was A Must Visit

by D. Lanier Shook                       March 22, 2018

Do you like the weekend? I’m not a huge fan of the weekends because we’ve raised the bar so high for them. Alot of times I expect way too much out of my weekend and end up disappointed. But this past weekend met all my goals and it was because I went to EXPO Madison on Saturday.

EXPO Madison was so good I can’t share everything about it in one article. (I’m not even sure I can share everything in two articles.) The sheer number of exhibitors that were there, the quantity of information that I learned, and the possibilities it opened up just for me.  But I’m so excited about what I learned in the time I spent with the wonderful vendors that I’m going to post several articles so you can learn not only what a dynamic event EXPO Madison was but also what a dynamic place Madison County is.

This is where I have to apologize to any exhibitor I don’t discuss enough. While I’m going to blame space and time limitations I also will admit I just didn’t budget enough time on Saturday. Quite frankly, I just wasn’t expecting the stellar event that EXPO Madison turned out to be. (It was my mistake, considering their great tourism website —click here to read the entire article we wrote about that a few years ago — and their incredible Visitor’s Center — click here to read the entire article we wrote about that more recently.) But enough about me, without further ado let’s discuss a few of the great vendors at EXPO Madison. Let’s start with the sponsors all of whom had a great presence at the EXPO.


I want to personally thank Sara Nichols of the Economic Development Board not only for pulling together the Expo, but also being informative and welcoming at their booth. She was very busy Saturday and took time to make me feel welcome. They had a map of Madison County on the wall and she asked each visitor what Madison County meant to them in one word. Then Sara wrote that on a Post-It note and put that on the map. What a great idea that reminded each of us of our connections to Madison County.

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, member of the media, or just somebody looking for a bargain you need to click here and visit the Development Board’s website. As you may have guessed from Sara’s map concept at the Expo, the site is innovative, easy to use, and full of valuable information.


I’d like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for an amazing Expo full of amazing people. Their website is pretty amazing but you can find out for yourself by clicking here to visit it. Its full of vacation information, local news, updates on local events you need to know about, and great links to local businesses. I also want to personally thank them for the great map, visitor’s guide, and business directory I picked up at the Expo. These are going to be invaluable in my future visits to Madison County.


The Expo was actually held on the grounds of Mars Hill University so I have to thank them and mention what an amazing institution it is. For nearly two hundred years it has provided Madison County and the entire area with education, arts, and spaces for great events — like the Expo. You can learn more about the amazing resources MHU offers people in Madison County and beyond by clicking here to visit their website.

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