ARTS: Now it the Perfect Time to See LOGOS Theater’s Prince Caspian

By D. Lanier Shook                                February 22, 2018

When you hear good news you have to share it. When you really enjoy something you have to tell all your friends. That’s why I’ve got to share about LOGOS Theater’s Prince Caspian — again. (To read my original article about the play click here and find Five Reasons Prince Caspian is Better Than The Princess Bride.)

Your time is valuable so I won’t repeat myself. Instead I want to share the passionate enthusiasm I feel for this production. This enthusiasm was stoked when several friends and I saw LOGOS’ Silent Star during the Christmas season. (Click here to learn more about Silent Star and plan to attend next year.) The music, the message, the cast, and the production value reinforced my very high opinion of The Academy of the Arts.

This isn’t an article to share why you should see Prince Caspian. This is an article sharing the fact that you need to see Prince Caspian right now. That’s because right now — the month of March — is the perfect time to see it. It opened the second of this month and everybody went to see it as soon as they could. They’re all sitting at home thinking how good it was. Around the end of March and the first of April they’ll all realize how good it was and that they need to see it again.

That’s why the April performances will all be sold out since they’ll be going to see it and they’ll be taking all their friends with them. (I should know, I saw it twice last year.) So if you wait to see it in April you won’t be able to get a seat.

That’s why you need to click here and visit The Academy of the Arts’ website. Find a performance that fits your schedule and then reserve your ticket. This is one of the best plays you’ll ever see and the tickets will be going fast.

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