LIFESTYLE: Meet the Clemson National Champion Football Team

By D. Lanier Shook                             March 2, 2017

As I’m cruising through the Upstate, its handy to have eyes everywhere. That’s why I listen to WORD at 106.3, because their WAZE Traffic updates keep me moving. The reason I’m mentioning them is because their News Team, and specifically Anne Robards, let me know what I’m passing on to you and it would just be wrong not to give them credit.

If you’re a Clemson fan then you’re over the moon about their recent win of the 2016 National Championship. That’s why you may want to be at the Haywood Mall in Greenville on March 18 when several members of the team will be there to autograph stuff you bring (you can also buy photos). You can click here to visit the Greenville Journals’ website for all the information which they have in a story their incredible news staff put together. (Credit to whom credit is due.)

This is a very structured event with several very important details that I’m not mentioning because my journalistic ethics don’t allow me to plagiarize and because my legal staff suggests I might get my pants sued off if I do. If you are inclined to visit the event please click the link above. You really need to know the stuff they have there. And once more, thanks to the 106.3 News Team for the heads up and the Greenville Journal for publishing the article.

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