ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: Macbeth comes to the Upstate

By D. Lanier Shook                                           March 2, 2017

Call me old fashioned, but my preferred version of the Bible is the King James Version. While part of my choice is theological, some of it has to do with the beautiful Elizabethan English used in the text. The English of Shakespeare.

You can experience that Shakespearean English next month when North Greenville University hosts a performance of Macbeth in the Billingsley Theater on their Tigerville campus. This is a great opportunity to experience one of the greatest Shakespearean plays. You’ll be surprised by how many well known phrases Shakespeare has contributed to the English language.

According to the Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins The Bard is responsible for the following phrases.

  • “Milk of human kindness” — which actually comes from Macbeth
  • “It’s all Greek to me”  — from Julius Caesar
  • One of the first use of “dollar” as a means of currency, also in Macbeth
  • “Green eyed monster” from Othello
  • “To the manner born” from Hamlet, which I have always thought was “to the manor born” (This makes me feel alot better since while I was not manor born, I was definitely manner-born and I have a eighteen year military school education to prove it.)
  • Its common knowledge that Pomp and Circumstance is what they play at graduations, but Elgar pulled the title from Othello where The Bard says “pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious war”

Well, hopefully you’re getting the idea that Shakespeare is a pretty big deal. Of course, Macbeth isn’t a bad story either. It includes a murder mystery, political intrigue, the supernatural, and a bad case of OCD. For more information about the performance times, tickets (which are really affordable), and everything else you need to know click here to visit the NGU website.

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