ROADTRIP: Five Out Of This World Selfie Spots To Visit

By D. Lanier Shook                                              February 26, 2017

If there’s one thing that we love its a great selfie and nothing makes for a better selfie than a great background. If you have the right prop your selfie is an automatic hit. It might even go viral!

Over the years I’ve seen alot of things that make great props for selfies. These are all things that most of your Facebook friends won’t have in their selfies and they’re all within a few hours’ drive. (NOTE: Please remember to be respectful of these items. Let’s make sure we can all take selfies with these for years to come.)

Number One Selfie Prop The Georgia Guidestones

Guidestone4Here’s the ultimate selfie prop. Its a monument that is covered with post-apocalyptic advice in 10 languages — including ancient ones —- that was erected by someone who remains anonymous to this day. It even has a slot that points to the North Star. For more information about the Guidestones click here to read my Roadtrip article about it or click here to watch a walkaround video of them. To get there do an online search for their location.

Number Two Selfie Prop Cold War Memorial in Charleston

HPIM0737.JPGAt the Patriot’s Point parking lot in Charleston is the Cold War Memorial, commemorating the contributions — and sacrifices — of the submarine service during the Cold War. This includes what appears to be a Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine surfacing in the middle of a park. This is a natural place to take selfies or photos of others. Click here to read about my Roadtrip to the Cold War Memorial.

Number Three Selfie Prop Busted Plug

fire_hydrant2In the middle of Columbia, South Carolina is a giant piece of public art called “Busted Plug” that is an amazing selfie prop. You can click here to read about my Roadtrip to visit Busted Plug. There’s also a great mural on a building to one side of the parking lot.

Number Four Selfie Prop WNBA Hall of Fame’s Giant Basketball


wnbaThe Women’s National Basketball Association chose Knoxville, Tennessee as the home for their Hall of Fame and that’s where you can find a giant basketball. As I am demonstrating in this photo, its a great selfie prop. Click here to visit the WNBA Hall of Fame website and get directions.

Number Five Selfie Prop The Peachoid


This amazing contribution to Americana is located beside I-85 in Gaffney, South Carolina. Gaffney is the county seat of Cherokee County which produces lots and lots and lots of peaches. The Peachoid was actually featured in Netflix’s show House of Cards. Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood is supposed to be from Gaffney.

Number Six Selfie Prop Hickory Aviation Museum

me&Tom - Copy

Once again, I’m setting the example by demonstrating how you can take a great selfie at the Hickory Museum of Art. (Getting your picture taken beside the hottest fighter jet ever is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.) Click here to read about my Roadtrip to the Hickory Aviation Museum.


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