LIFESTYLE: Ten Reasons To Visit Greenville’s TD Convention Center This Winter

By D. Lanier Shook                                        January 19, 2017

This can be a tough time of year to travel, but its a great time to make plans for the rest of the year. Fortunately travel doesn’t always have to a five star production. It can be as easy as planning to do two things at once. Like maybe going grocery shopping in Greenville the same day you attend a great event at the TD Convention Center.

The TD Convention Center is one of the area’s premier exhibition spaces and this winter they’re proving it. Between now and April there are ten events going on at the Center just off South Pleasantburg Drive in Greenville. But these aren’t just any events; these are exhibitions that you and your family and your friends will want to attend. To connect to the event’s page at the TD Convention Center just click on its name.

South Carolina International Auto Show    Friday January 20, Saturday January 21, Sunday January 22

If you are thinking about buying an auto, enjoy driving autos, are a car enthusiast, or know a car enthusiast this is the event to attend. At $8 for an adult its an affordable way to spend an afternoon. (The fun starts at ten every morning and wraps up at 9 pm Friday and Saturday and at 5 pm on Sunday.) But admission is only $5 for senior citizens, military, and children 6 and under. Plus on Sunday all children 12 and under are free! Also many ticket purchasers will qualify for a free subscription to Motortrend.

You’ll want to click here to visit the home page of the South Carolina International Auto Show where you can see the show’s floor plan, buy tickets to the show, and see a schedule of test drives. Yes, you can test drive cars at this Auto Show! So visit either web site to learn more about this show where you can visit any auto brand you would want to own.

Upstate South Carolina Boat Show  Thursday January 26, Friday January 27, Saturday January 28, Sunday January 29
For nearly half a century the Boat Show has given residents of the Upstate the opportunity to look at and buy the latest and greatest in watercraft. According to adult tickets are $7, senior and student tickets ate $6, and children under 6 are free. Even if its not, this is still an event worth attending if you enjoy being on the lake, river, or ocean. It starts at noon every day except Saturday, when it starts at 10 am, and it wraps up every day at 9 except Sunday, when it ends at 6 pm. Their website is also where you can find a map of the show & see just how extensive it will be.

Wedding Festival Saturday, January 28
If you are planning to get married this is the place you need to be. For proof of this click here to visit the Bridal Show and Wedding Festival website. Admission is $10 at the door — but only $8 online — and evidently they are giving away loads of things like gift bags, sashes, and you can enter to win free wedding bands. There will be an art gallery where you can visit wedding photographers, lots of workshops, fashion display, and too much for me to list here. Seriously, if you are getting married, have a son or daughter who is, or just want to enjoy a Saturday afternoon visit their website.

Switch-A-Roos Children’s Consignment Sale Friday February 10, Saturday February 11, Sunday, February 12

If you’re a parent then you know kids grow like weeds — cute little weeds — and they always need clothes. That’s why you need to click here and visit the home page of Switch A Roos Consignment. This event is free — that’s right I said FREE — and you simply must visit their website to see if you are interested. Even if your kids aren’t in a growing spurt you can sell the clothes they’ve grown out of.

SC Arms Collectors Association-Gun, Knife & Militaria Show Saturday February 11 and  Sunday, February 12, 2017

Well, the name of this show kind of says it all, but for particulars you’ll want to click here to visit the Show’s homepage. This sounds like a great time to get a bargain or maybe bond with friends and family. Tickets will be $8 for adults, $6 for members of the military, and free to kids 12 and under.

Southern Home & Garden Show Friday March 3, Saturday March 4,  and Sunday March 5

This is going to be a phenomenal event with over a hundred fifty exhibitors and vendors. If it’s for the home or garden, it will be there. While I couldn’t find an admission price listed either on the TD Convention Center page — that’s the link attached to the show’s name — or the Show’s homepage  or the Show’s Facebook page, this seems to be an event well worth the price of admission. If you need more proof click here to view the exhibitor layout.  That last link is a interactive zoomable map that lists the vendors and exhibitors. You can actually click on each booth and find contact information for the exhibitor that will be there.

(Don’t tell the Home Builder’s Association, but the map is a pretty good resource for homeowners on its own. Its a great value not only for those attending the Show, but also for the advertisers. I mean, not only do they get exposure at the Show, they get this great map that connects them to possible customers.)

Upstate South Carolina National College Fair     Saturday March 11
It is hard to express how important this event is. Whether your child is planning to go to college, whether you want to move to a Master’s or Doctorate, or even if you are a teacher, you need to be there. That’s because college is more than just something you do from 18 to 22 or even 26. If your child plans to enter the halls of higher education you have to start planning in high school. The classes they take, the activities they engage in, in fact every element of their life affect their success in school. (Oh yeah and the event is FREE. That’s right its F – R – E – E, as it no money at the door.)

In Age of Turbulence former Federal Reserve Chair Allen Greenspan gives two keys to his success that I wish I had known when I was in high school. (This is a man who was able to phone the White House and get a plane flight across the Atlantic on September 12, 2001. The fact he was able to fly over a still smoldering Ground Zero to get a view of the damage states the significance of the position he attained.) He said that he always read his textbooks cover to cover before the semester started and he impressed his teachers. Those teachers were the ones who helped him get jobs that helped him get connections — including Ayn Rand —- that led him to his successful career. The Upstate South Carolina College Fair is the place to find out key things about how your child should plan for school and beyond.

Even if you don’t plan to attend the event you’ll want to click here and visit the National Association for Collage Admission Counseling website. Some of the information available on their website includes:

– How to Use Your School Counselor
– Using High School Courses and Activities to Prepare for College
– Earning College Credit in High School
– Put to the Test: Preparing for the SAT/ACT.
– College Rankings: What Do They Really Mean?
– Balancing Act: Tips for Adults Returning to College
– Top 10 Tips for Writing a College Essay

Southeast Homeschool Convention      Thursday March 16, Friday March 15, and Saturday March 18
Of course you may be more involved in graduating your child from formula to solids instead of from college. In that case you just might be interested in the homeschool convention. Homeschooling is an option many parents have chosen or are considering. I myself am a homeschool alumni and while the advantages of a public or private education are undeniable I must say that homeschooling absolutely gave me unique opportunities that might not have been available otherwise.

You will definitely want to click here to visit the Convention’s website since this event is so comprehensive I literally don’t have space to describe it here. These include 45 speakers, over 230 workshops, great entertainment, not to mention the chance to network with thousands of other parents and children. If you homeschool or are thinking about homeschooling you literally have to be here.

Weecycled Wear Children’s Consignment Sale     Friday March 17, Saturday March 18, Sunday March 19
Did I mention that children grow like weeds — cute little weeds? Well, that’s why parents should probably consider being at this event in March. For even more information you’ll want to click here to visit the Sale’s website. It starts at 9 every day except Sunday when it starts at noon and runs to 5 every day except Friday when it ends at 7 pm.

2017 SC Comicon          Saturday March 25 and Sunday March 26

If you’ve never been to a comic book convention  you need to go. At least once. They’re that good.

You’ll want to click here and visit SC Comicon’s website where you can get all the in-depth details. What I want to share is a brief reason why I plan to go, like I did two years ago. To me it was a reasonably family friendly event — there were lots of families there with parents and children dressed as their favorite characters — bursting with creativity. There are four reasons why I visit comic book convention. First, you can buy merchandise that you can’t get anywhere else. I bought a beautiful — and very reasonable — print two years ago. Second, you can show off your costume if you’re inclined to wear one. Third, if you ask nicely the attendees will let you get pictures with them in their costumes. Fourth, as a writer and illustrator its a great place to connect with other artists and writers in the industry.

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