ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Flat Rock Playhouse Presents The Importance of Being Earnest

By D. Lanier Shook                        July 7, 2016

When Oscar Wilde came to America he was asked if he had anything to declare and replied. “I have nothing to declare but my genius.” (Or so the story goes.)

Wilde was indeed a genius. While his personal life was chock full of controversy, his literary work can be inspiring and even instructional, as in The Picture of Dorian Gray. But while Dorian Gray is a serious, somber, even frightening novel, The Importance of Being Earnest is the opposite as you can find out this month at the Flat Rock Playhouse Downtown.

Beginning tonight and running for about two weeks, Downtown Hendersonville will be the scene of secret identities, lost love, and complete hilarity as they put on The Importance of Being Earnest. You can click here to visit their website for more information. Scroll down past the middle of the page to view what is playing downtown. Just look for the poster that advertises The Importance of Being Earnest and click on it.

The play centers around two young men in London, both leading double lives for their own convenience. But these lies complicate life when love comes calling and they have to figure out how to get what they realize they want. The story pokes fun at Victorian sensibilities and over the top personalities.

I’ve already made plans to enjoy this play at least once and I encourage you to do the same. The Playhouse Downtown is located within walking distance of, well, all of Downtown Hendersonville and several incredible restaurants and coffee shops. In fact, the Jongo Java coffeeshop is right next door and Black Bear Coffee Company is just a block or two away. Both serve great coffee in great environments and both are worth visiting again and again.

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