ROADTRIP: Five Reasons the Market House Cafe Made Me Want to Move to Knoxville

By D. Lanier Shook                        June 18, 2016

Western North Carolina is a great place to live, but occasionally I’ll be somewhere and think. ‘Gee, it would be nice to live here.’ Last week I had one of those moments at Knoxville’s Market House that I have to share with you, along with five reasons it’s a must visit if you’re in Knoxville.

The Market House should be your second stop in Knoxville --- right after the Visitor's Center.

The Market House should be your second stop in Knoxville — right after the Visitor’s Center.

The Market House Feels Like Asheville

When you visit the Market House (click here to visit their website) you’ll feel at home. Between the huge selection of craft beer and the friendly atmosphere, it’s like you stepped right in from Biltmore Avenue or Wall Street. The building features wood floors, high ceilings, and incredible details like copper ceiling tiles, which make it feel like it would be in downtown Asheville. There’s also a huge patio with plenty of streetside seating.

The Market House is Easy to Find

To find the Market House, just do what I did. First, go to the Knoxville Visitor’s Center at 301 South Gay Street. Not only is this Information Central for Knoxville, the parking lot also offers 2 hours of free parking. Second, take a right out of the parking lot, then another right on Wall Street. Walk less than a block and stop at the building in the photo above — just look for the street side patio seating under the canopy.

The Market House Has An Incredible Menu

You can click here to view the Market House’s mouth watering menu of over thirty items. Their juices are advertised as “as fresh as humanly possible” and their deli case is huge. They open at seven a.m. and close at eleven p.m., making it a great spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner — or all three.

The Market House Has A Welcoming Atmosphere

I discovered the Market House because I needed a coffeehouse close to the Visitor’s Center and the Market House’s barista was recommended — it was a good choice. As I sat there going over the day’s itinerary I realized this would be an incredible place to come and write. There’s incredible seating outside, but there’s also a wood shelf that runs under the windows with lots of comfortable stools.

Its the perfect place to enjoy the newspaper and a cup of joe. While you’re there don’t forget the little hockey game and the  magazine rack with over twenty different magazines in it. I also have to mention the staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming.

The Market House is Your Gateway to One of Knoxville’s Most Amazing Districts

There is so much to see in Downtown Knoxville, but you need to spend a day — or at least a morning or afternoon — in the neighborhood around the Market House. (That way you can also be close enough to enjoy their great menu.)

The Market House Cafe is located at one corner of an area known as Market Square. Its an area that will remind you of Asheville, since its an area where you can enjoy a variety of restaurants, brews, arts, and eclectic shopping. For even more information pick up a Market Square brochure in the Visitor’s Center or click here to see a list of 26 businesses located there.

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