FESTIVAL: The Asheville Herb Festival is Right Around the Corner

By D. Lanier Shook                      April 19, 2014

When something is free, good for you, and fun its a win win all around. All of those are apt descriptions for the Asheville Herb Festival which is coming up at the end of this month. And you have to be there.

The Asheville Herb Festival will be held at the WNC Farmer’s Market. You don’t pay for parking, you don’t pay to get in, and you don’t pay to see any of the exhibits. That’s a bargain if I ever heard of one.

If you’re not familiar with how herbs can make you and your food better you definitely need to visit the Herb Festival. For example, dill can help hiccups and cinnamon helps control blood sugar. As the cost of health care goes up anything this good — and inexpensive — is good news.

The Herb Festival is always a boatload of fun and information. You’ll be able to connect with over sixty local business and find products you can’t find elsewhere. Click here for a list of the vendors.

To sum it up, herbs can help you enjoy healthy food more and make it even healthier. Herbs can keep you healthier while saving you money. So click here and visit the Asheville Herb Festival website.

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