ROADTRIP: Old Fort’s Mill Creek Village is Worth the Trip Three Times Over

By D. Lanier Shook        April 6, 2016

Very few things make a room look better than displaying good art and it only looks better if its original local art. Here in Western North Carolina we’re fortunate to have an abundance of local artists to provide affordable original art. One great new place to find even more local art is less than half an hour away in Old Fort.

IMG_2168 - Copy

These seats are the heart of Mill Creek Village and the main showpiece is the mural ‘A Time to Build.’

Old Fort’s art scene has expanded recently with the arrival of the Arrowhead Art Gallery and Studios located on Catawba Avenue. This Gallery professes to offer “Asheville quality at Old Fort prices” and I’d have to agree. The artwork was very high quality and the prices were very reasonable.

Arrowhead Art Gallery is a great place to find paintings, woodwork, jewelry, glasswork, metalwork, sculpture, and found art. You’ll definitely want to click here and visit their website. Also don’t forget to stop here next time you go through Old Fort since the artists will often invite visitors into their studios to watch the creation process.

IMG_2170 - Copy

All the socks on that wall were actually made in the factory above the outlet.

Next to the Arrowhead Gallery is yet another place that’s single-handedly worth a trip to Old Fort. The Parker Hosiery Outlet is full of socks, many of which were actually made right there in Old Fort. All of the socks are incredibly well known brands at incredible prices. They’re open from 10 to 4:30 Monday through Thursday and 10 to 6 on Friday and Saturday. Click here to connect with them on their Facebook page.

IMG_2171 - Copy

Don’t forget to check out the antique knitting machine in the front of the sock outlet.

Finally, you’ve got to stop by the Blue Ridge Traveler’s Visitor’s Center located across Catawba Avenue from the Gallery and the Parker Hosiery Outlet. This is the place to find out about Old Fort, McDowell County, and beyond. They have well over a hundred brochures, along with art on display from Arrowhead Gallery. To find out more about this priceless travel resource click here to visit their website or click here to connect with them on Facebook.

This is a great time to mention once again that all of these attractions are very affordable. The art is affordable, the socks are very affordable, and the travel information is free. So get thee to Old Fort. (And please tell them we sent you.)

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