ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: Family Friday Nights Are A Short Drive Away in Valdese

By D. Lanier Shook                                    May 2, 2015

Its going to be Friday night again in just under one week. If your schedule is clear you’ll want to do something, but what. What can you do that is inexpensive and quick? Well, that’s why there are Family Friday Nights in Valdese.

You may have read our articles about Myra’s in Valdese being a great place to grab a bite to eat (click here to read the article) or about the Village Park mural (click here to read the article). Both of those are reasons to take advantage of one of the Family Friday Nights. Of course, food, family, and music are other great reasons.

You can find out who is singing this year by clicking here to visit the event’s home page. Chances are someone on that list will be worth the hour long drive to see. So enjoy and drive safe!

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