LIFESTYLE: Five Ways to Start Planning for Mother’s Day

By D. Lanier Shook                                     April 18, 2015

Mother’s Day is about three weeks away and panic is already setting in around the world. What do you do for the most significant human in your life? Hollywood, the card industry, stores, and everyone else has raised the standard high. Here are five ways to make your Mother’s Day planning manageable.

1. Plan a Road Trip

As a travel site this has to top the list. Roadtrips are great ways to spend time together, revisit precious memories, or make new ones. They are affordable and are limited only by what you’re interested in doing. You can take your mother somewhere she’s always wanted to go, visit relatives, or even just pop off to an impressive tourist attraction. The road’s the limit.

2. Gifts

Getting a gift for anyone can be trying, exhausting, and bank-emptying. To avoid all of this use these four criteria to choose a gift. First, consider your shared experiences and choose a gift that reflects and evoke them. Second, consider this person’s experiences and choose a gift related to those. Third, think about their hobbies and interests to select a relevant gift. Fourth, think about any needs they may have.

3. Movies, concerts, plays, or sports game

A movie, concert, play, or a sporting event can be so much more than just an event to attend. Its a chance to be together and enjoy a shared experience. Some events, like baseball games, provide opportunities to chat and connect.

4. Scrapbooks and photo albums

So you want a way to create memories without destroying a bank account. You want to travel, but one of you isn’t able to? Just pull out a photo album or scrap book or pop a memory card into a computer. As the photos flip by the memories will roll.

5. Dinner

Taking your mother out to dinner is traditional and results in long lines every year. But going out to dinner doesn’t have to mean standing in the rain for an hour. Grab something from a deli and go for a picnic. Visit a smaller dining establishment. Dining at home doesn’t have to mean alot of work. Just grab something from a deli. Remember, its about the memories, not the food.

6. The Card

Mother’s Day cards can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. If you go high on the creativity a little can go a long way. Often it isn’t the card, but the thought and effort behind it that matters.


One response to “LIFESTYLE: Five Ways to Start Planning for Mother’s Day

  1. All great suggestions. My mom loves to travel, but in the past couple of years it’s difficult because she has low vision and has to use a cane. This year, I’m taking her to Denver, to visit her grandkids. She’s elated. The trip is made easier when I get a wheelchair at the airports, the flight’s no longer than 3 hours, non-stop, and we stay between 5-7 days.

    In the past, my sisters and I, who travel a lot, made photo books of the sights. These are hardbound books, easy to make, and when we catch a special coupon, relatively low priced.

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