LIFESTYLE: Remember Those In Deepest Need During This Cold Weather

By D. Lanier Shook                                                                        February 19, 2014


Winter has arrived and is being especially brutal.  As it gets colder don’t forget those in need. There are many wonderful organizations in our communities helping people through this time of year. Here are four that you might consider giving to.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a hundred fifty year old organization devoted to lifting up the Name of Christ by helping those in need. They are one of the largest organizations and have an active outreach in most communities. Last night their emergency shelter here in Asheville was full of those most in need. Please consider helping them reach even more. As the cold wave sweeps in this week, later this winter, and in the future, they will be literally saving lives. You can click here to find information about their outreach here and how to contact them.

Western Carolina Rescue Mission

The Western Carolina Rescue Mission’s mission is simple, yet complex: To Provide Rescue, Recovery and Restoration in Jesus’ Name. They, too are reaching out to those who can’t give back and like these other organizations, will save lives tonight. WCRM’s residential addiction program and job skills program help people all year round, but tonight, as the temperatures drop, we can all appreciate the services they provide. Please click here to visit their website and learn how they assist the community.

Asheville Buncombe Christian Community Ministries

ABCCM is one of the most comprehensive outreaches in the Asheville area, providing crisis services, veteran’s assistance, medical care, a jail outreach, and much more. They are literally a home grown ministry that’s been here over 40 years. Today they are supported by 277 congregations and 4600 volunteers. Throughout the year they provide heating and housing assistance to those on the brink. Their Medical Ministry partners with Mission Hospital to provide care for the uninsured. Their Veterans Restoration Quarters has been nationally recognized as helping Veterans reintegrate into society. They offer a shelter for women and mothers with children. Please click here to visit their website and consider helping this great ministry.

Miracle Hill Ministries

Tonight over 600 people across Upstate South Carolina are relying on Miracle Hill Ministries to save their lives. Throughout the year this ministry helps keeps families together, helps feed those in need, helps children in need, and helps those recovering from addictions. You can click here to visit their website and find out more about their ministry.

Hendersonville Rescue Mission

The vision of a man who drove a snack cake truck, the Hendersonville Rescue is located on Seventh Avenue and meets a variety of needs for the community. It serves hot meals, provides shelter, offers a clothing closet, and helps entire families with transitional housing. The Hendersonville Rescue Mission also partners with Goodwill to help people reenter the workplace. You can click here to visit their website and discover ways to help.

These are only a few of the worthy ministries in our area that are helping people. Whoever you give to, please consider chipping in just a little more, if you can. Many of these shelters will be at capacity tonight and more help is always needed. If all of us who can were to just give a little more…

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