ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Here’s Why You Have to Check Out Darien Crossley’s ‘Theorem’

By D. Lanier Shook                   February 8, 2015

Every so often in this job I come across an exciting talent that just has to be shared. Darien Crossley is one of those talents. This singer-songwriter — fresh back from a tour in the UK — is someone you should keep an eye on and definitely someone whose music you need to check out. Although all of her CDs are impressive, I want to tell you about her debut CD called Theorem.

Theorem was Darien Crossley’s first CD and did a great job showcasing what makes her remarkable. As a songwriter she fills each song with honest emotion we can all relate to. As a singer her voice is intensely honest and very relatable. Each song transports the listener different worlds and dimensions in a rush of creativity.

I’ll just share about three of them and then you can check them out before enjoying the others on the CD. Her song Avalanche is a a full throttle immersion of creativity, a combination of imagery, emotion, honesty, and storytelling. While it has elements of a ballad, its a fairy tale in the tradition of the dark, heart rending ones before Disney got a hold of them. Darien’s vocals pull at your heart strings as she tells the strange tale that introduces her style of musical storytelling.

Chandelier is a remarkable song of heartbreak hidden in a monotonous report of unusual events. The choice of words, Darien’s diction, and the straight forward opening reminded me of an Edward Gorey sketch. But the song takes an unexpected twist and the ending is a subtle reflection that ends up making complete sense.

5th and 6th is a song that exquisitely expresses the pain and desire of unrequited love. Too many of us can relate to  the descriptions of near-physical pain Darien sings about. Its a great way to describe this.

We’ve all watched television shows where the final scene is accompanied by a song. I remember when Millenium ended an episode with a car breaking down in the pouring rain. The unfortunate driver was killed while America’s song ‘A Horse With No Name‘ played. Darien’s songs are that kind of music. They set an atmosphere, evoke an emotion, tell a story, and reach to a deep part of the listener.

So follow one of these links to find out more about this impressive artist.

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