Arts and Entertainment: Peel Away Your Stress At The Orange Peel This Weekend

By D. Lanier Shook                             January 22, 2015

The Orange Peel is one of Asheville’s entertainment treasures, hosting talented — and famous— groups from around the globe. This weekend is no exception, so click here to find out even more and explore their website. That’s the only way you can stay up to date with what’s coming and make sure you get tickets before they’re sold out.

Tonight The Yonder Mountain String Band will be at The Peel, accompanied by Horse Feathers.  Yonder Mountain is an impressive group and not just because they’ve played at a political convention, welcome fans to record at their concerts, and have their own music festival. You can click here to visit their website and find out more.

Horse Feathers is a really, really busy group from Portland. No, they are really busy. For proof just click here to visit their website where you can sample their music, read about them, and see that they have a gig nearly every night. The music starts at 8 pm, but the doors will be opening at 7. Tickets are $30, but if you had bought yours earlier, you would’ve saved $2.50. Oh, and you have to be over 18 to get in.

Tomorrow night The Peel hosts the talented group Donna The Buffalo. Not long ago I was listening to them and then switched to a talented famous group — who’ll remain unnamed — and quickly switched back to Donna The Buffalo. See why by clicking here to visit their website.

They’ll be joined by the Binghamton, New York based Driftwood, a rock and roll group with admitted folk influences you can find out more about by clicking here to visit their website. The show will start at 9 pm, the doors open at 8 pm, tickets will be $21, but you can buy them for $19 today. Once again, you must be 18 to get in.

Saturday you can enjoy the talent of top selling country musician Corey Smith, from just down the road around Athens, Georgia. Corey sings about rural life and is a country artist with song titles like “I Love Everybody” and “Ain’t Going Out Tonight.” If this sounds interesting then click here to visit his website. Remember, tickets today are only $22, but $25 on Saturday. The show starts at 9 pm, doors open at 8 pm, and you must be over 16 to get in.

Sunday will see Moon Taxi at The Peel along with The Lonely Biscuits and Firekid. Moon Taxi is a Nashville based rock group with three albums and a very impressive reputation. They love exploration and you can find out more — including their awesome sound — by clicking here to visit their website.

The Lonely Biscuits are another Nashville based group that has made their way to Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits. You can hear their songs, keep track of them, and even check out their videos by clicking here to visit their website. Firekid hails from Muscle Shoals via Nashville. Also known as Dillon Hodges, he provides audiences with a memorable mix of bluegrass and folk. Find out more and keep up with him by clicking here. Doors will open at 8 pm, one hour before the show starts at 9. Remember, tickets will be $20 on Sunday, but only $18 if you buy them early. Once again, you must be over 16 to get in.

On Monday The Peel will be packed with folks enjoying the Kiss Country Winter Jam. If you are even the least bit interested in this click here to pick up tickets. This very well may sell out for three reasons. First, there are six stars playing — Scotty McCreery, Chase Bryant, John King, Olivia Lane, Mo Pitney, and RaeLynn. Second, it benefits Mission Children’s Hospital, and third, all ages are admitted. Tickets are only $30, the show starts at 8 pm and the doors open at 6:45.


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