SECOND DAY OF CHRISTMAS: Four Reasons You Should Celebrate The Twelve Days of Christmas

By D. Lanier Shook                               December 27, 2014

Yesterday I shared some of the reasons I celebrate The Twelve Days of Christmas. (Click here to read them.) Well, I’d like to spread the cheer, so here are five reasons you should celebrate them, too.

1. You’ll Finally Get in The Holiday Spirit

You’ve had an entire month to build up to Christmas and then its over. The Feast of Epiphany gives you almost two more weeks to sing along to carols, watch Christmas movies, and have a general good time.

2. Your Kids Will Get Even More and You Get To Pay Even Less

Kids love Christmas. It means presents, food, and general fun. Well, the Twelve Days of Christmas helps you and them. They get two weeks of non-stop celebration and more presents at the end.

Meanwhile you get to spend slightly less for Christmas and spend less two weeks later. Not only can you take advantage of post-Christmas sales but the media and culture won’t tell your family how they have to celebrate.

3.  You Can Finally Relax and Enjoy The Holiday

As an adult, I now realize Christmas is magical for kids because they don’t have to do all the work. As an adult Christmas means my usual list gets twice as long. The Twelve Days of Christmas gives you the holiday cheer without the cultural pressure.

4. You Will Teach Your Kids To Follow Their Own Path

The Twelve Days of Christmas are mostly misunderstood by the popular culture. Hollywood and the advertising agencies won’t be filling the airwaves with messages about the Feast of Epiphany. By celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas you teach your family not to pay attention to mass media and their messages. You blaze your own trail and set an example.

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