ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Five Reasons Puzzles Go With Christmas

By D. Lanier Shook           December 20, 2014

Let’s face it — Christmas is here. Sure, its five days away, but all of us have enough left on our list to fill five weeks. So here’s a big helping hand at the holidays — five reasons jigsaw puzzles will save the day for your holiday.

1. Jigsaw Puzzles Are Affordable

Go to the Dollar Tree, the Dollar General, Family Dollar, a one dollar store, WalMart, Target, or any other retailer I didn’t have room to list here. (and-didn’t-leave-out-on-purpose-so-please-don’t-sue-me) Jigsaw puzzles are at the low end of the price spectrum. So even if you only have a little left in the holiday budget jigsaw puzzles will fit.

Of course if you need to buy a high end gift there are puzzles for that, too. Puzzles are one of the few gifts that stretch across the budget spectrum so well. Jigsaw puzzles are the go-to gift for any consumer.

2. Jigsaw Puzzles Come In Every Shape And Size — Literally

There has rarely been anything available in more variations than puzzles. Kittens, superheroes, famous paintings, landscapes, puppies, monuments, comedy, and did I mention baby animals? So whoever you’re buying for there’s a puzzle out there to suit them.

3. Jigsaw Puzzles Can Be Used Right Then

Clothes are a great present, but most clothes can’t be worn right after they’re opened. Electronics are great, but many of them can’t be used right then. A surfboard is an incredible present, but its hard to use it right then if you live in Asheville. Gift cards are even better, but they have limitations for instant gratification, too. Jigsaw puzzles, on the other hand, can be — and should be — opened right then and enjoyed.

Even if you don’t give a puzzle, they’re wonderful to have laying around. If folks chit-chat solid for eight hours eventually somebody will say something somebody regrets now or later. So put out a puzzle. Everybody can enjoy them and its a great activity between the conversation. Face it, your brother/sister/uncle might not have told your kids/spouse/fiancee/parents about that awkward moment if they’d been puzzling over a puzzle.

4. Jigsaw Puzzles Are Small

Jigsaw puzzles come in small boxes. They can go in stockings. Jigsaw puzzles make great stocking stuffers.

5. Jigsaw Puzzles Are Versatile

There are few things capable of giving more fun longer than jigsaw puzzles. You can buy large cloths to wrap up puzzles you’re not done with yet. You can buy glue to make them permanent. You can even frame them.

Puzzles don’t have an expiration date. You can pull them out year after year after year. Or in the summer during vacation when the kids are climbing the walls.

6. Jigsaw Puzzles Don’t Need Batteries

Jigsaw puzzles don’t need batteries, don’t come with multi-page instructions, don’t have tech support numbers, don’t require updates, or whatever else issues you’ve had with other Christmas presents. ‘Nuff said.

7. Jigsaw Puzzles Create Memories (and Christmas card photos)

Jigsaw puzzles are great ways to create fond holiday memories. What makes a better picture than everyone puzzling over a puzzle. I mean, even if they don’t get along it won’t show in the photo. And its sounds good when your kids tell other people about it after the holidays.

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