FESTIVAL: Remember September 11 at McCormick Field

By D. Lanier Shook                             November 4, 2014

September 11 was a day the world changed for all of us. When we say we will never forget September 11, it’s not hyperbole. We will never forget September 11.

You can pause to remember it in one week at Asheville’s McCormick Field. You’ll walk 7,056 steps in memory of the people who ran the wrong way when the Twin Towers were hit — toward it, not away. Registration starts at 8 am and the walk begins an hour later.

This event costs $5, which will benefit Operation Homefront Carolinas. This is an organization that helps local military families during tough times. You can learn more about their good work by clicking here to visit their website.

You’ll also want to remember these local sponsors of Operation Remembrance. Here’s a list so you can thank them.

  • Ingle’s Markets
  • Mission Health
  • Bank of America
  • Asheville Tourists
  • Coca Cola Bottling

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