BUSINESS: 9 Construction Projects in Enka-Candler and Why You Need to Know

By D. Lanier Shook                               October 27, 2014

Here’s some good news. The Asheville economy is prospering. This is good news for everyone in the area. Check out this great sign that just went up  Here are nine construction projects that are going on right now in Enka-Candler.


This is a great new sign welcoming visitors to Enka-Candler. Behind it you can see signs for the Rejavanation Cafe, Asheville Savings Bank, and AutoZone, just a few of the many vibrant businesses in Westridge Marketplace.

1. Asheville Outlets (formerly Biltmore Square Mall)

Biltmore Square Mall is gone, but within a few months it will be replaced by the Asheville Outlets. Winter Construction is busily putting up the structure. You can find out more about Asheville Outlets by clicking here to visit their website. You can click here to visit their parent company New England Development.

2. Unlabeled Project Next to Frank’s Roman Pizza on Sardis Road

Beverly-Hanks Contractors have a major earthmoving project involving modular trailers going on in the space behind the vacant lot between Frank’s Roman Pizza and the Valvoline Instant Oil Change.

3. Jacob Holm expansion

Jacob Holm’s sixty million dollar expansion on Sandhill Road is going well, with the structure up. You can read more about it (and the 66 jobs it will bring) by clicking here.

4. New Belgium Brewery Distribution Center

Right behind Jacob Holm a huge (surprisingly stylish) concrete building is going up. This is the new 141,290 square foot New Belgium Distribution center, being built in conjunction with Arco National Construction’s Beverage Group.  New Belgium has provided the community with construction site updates about this site you can read by clicking here to visit their website.

5. Unlabeled Earthmoving Project on Jacob Holm Way

Asheville Commerce Parkway is a small street that cuts off Jacob Holm Way right across from the New Belgium distribution site. At the end of it is a massive earthmoving operation with about six pieces of very heavy equipment.

6. Unlabeled Earthmoving Project Across from AB Tech Enka Campus

Leslie Contractors has a huge earthmoving project across from AB Tech’s Enka Campus. I believe its a new Ingle’s market as described in a Citizen Times article you can read by clicking here.

7. Teclo Community Credit Union

A new Telco Credit Union is going up between the Dollar General store on Smoky Park Highway and the Quality Plus gas station. Of course, the Dollar General, the Quality Plus and the Advance Auto next door haven’t been there that long.

8. Unlabeled Project at Old Blockbuster on Smoky Park Highway

Around 10:30 today there were 11 contractor trucks and vans in front of the old Blockbuster store on Smoky Park Highway, at the corner of Acton Circle  and Smoky Park Highway. The former retail space is being divided with timber frame walls. Its worth mentioning that AgCare Products next door is brand new, also.

9. Smoky Park Highway Sidewalk Construction

A new sidewalk is being installed from the Sandhill Road intersection down to the Dollar General at the foot of the hill. Enka- Candler is increasing in walkability.

Why You Need To Know This

Whether you’re looking for a new house, a new business space,  a new place to shop, or a new job these developments are important and here’s why.

  • As a business owner you should look at the available retail space and land in the Enka-Candler area before its gone. Highway connects to I-40 both at Exit 44 and Exit 37, further out. Sandhill and Brevard Roads connect to I-26. With South Asheville having seen more recent growth, there are going to be quite a few bargains in the Enka-Candler area, but they’ll be going fast.
  • As a homebuyer you should consider one of the many residential areas in Enka-Candler. Not only is the walkability factor going up but resale will, too. There are a wide variety of neighborhoods with a wide degree of lot sizes and prices in the area. As a long time resident of the area I can attest to its good schools, services, and atmosphere.
  • As a shopper you need to browse the wide selection of shops and restaurants in Enka-Candler — and that’s even before the Asheville Outlets open. Browse the yarn and craft boutiques,grab a coffee at either the Artisian or Rejavanation coffee shops, and then have lunch or dinner at Stone Ridge Tavern, Papa’s & Beer, Apollo Flame, Cruzer’s, or Celebrity’s Hot Dogs.

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