LIFESTYLE: Don’t Forget to Pack a Shoebox

By D. Lanier Shook                      October 26, 2014

Christmas isn’t about presents, but that’s just what our culture makes it all about. Even though the ads, the tv specials, and the pictures in the papers are fake, they can seem so real. As adults we know how much affect this has on us and we can all guess the effect on children. That’s why Operation Christmas Child is so special.

With the spread of internet and television children around the world will have their expectations built up with varying chances of having them fulfilled. But Operation Christmas Child provides them with something special. It also provides children— and adults — in the United States the  opportunity to make a difference in lives around the world. You can click here to visit the Operation Christmas Child website and learn all about it.

All it takes is one shoebox filled with a few items that cost a dollar or less. That can literally change a life. You can pack school supplies to give a child an education. You can pack toiletries and save a child’s life. You can pack clothes, shoes, toys, or other things. Click here to visit the website and learn what you can’t send.

If you’re a fan of Duck Dynasty you can click here to pack a shoebox with Uncle Si Robertson. Remember, the media and corporate America want to make Christmas all about getting. Operation Christmas Child is a way to focus your children, yourself, and your friends on the true meaning of the holiday — giving.


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