LIFESTYLE: Eight Fast, Easy, and Cheap Halloween Costumes

By D. Lanier Shook                                           October 25, 2014

Halloween is less than a week away and alot of us still have to go costume shopping. Here are five fast and easy Halloween costumes that are personal favorites of mine.

1. Tony Stark

You can get an Iron Man costume at any store, but how about a Tony Stark costume? I took a round LED self adhesive light from the Dollar Tree, then cut out a little piece of cardboard and cut holes in it. I taped the cardboard to the light, taped it underneath my shirt and switched on the light. Presto! I’ve got an arc reactor under my shirt. Click here for a photo (from Internet Movie Database) that shows Tony Stark’s reactor under his t-shirt. Click here for the photo of the LED light from the Dollar Tree’s website. This is still one of my favorite costumes.

2. Arthur Dent

One of the easiest costumes I ever wore was Arthur Dent from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Its simply pajamas and a towel. (The most useful item in the universe, in case you haven’t read the book.) In my case they all fit over my work clothes.

3. Secret Agent

This isn’t a hard costume to make and it works great. Just get a briefcase (a suitcase will work) and a set of toy handcuffs to attach it to your wrist. What you wear or put in the briefcase are open to as much variation as you choose.

4. Green Lantern

Last year I dressed as the Green Lantern. All it took was a Green Lantern Ring. After the Ryan Reynolds movie when I told people I was dressed as the Green Lantern they didn’t believe me — then I showed them the Ring. (That was worth all the trouble of finding the Ring.) After all, Hal Jordan is in street clothes with the Ring alot.

5. A Doctor

Get a pair of scrubs, print out a great looking nametag, throw on rubber gloves, and presto, automatic doctor.

6. Epidemiologist

Get a painter’s suit, a face mask, rubber gloves, and booties and presto you’re in search of the next super virus. You can use fancy masks or simple ones but just make certain the booties aren’t too slippery.

7. Experiment

Get some plastic tubing and fill it with goo. Then run one end down the back of your shirt and tape the other to the back of your head with paper tape. (The paper tape looks realistic.) You can take this as far as you like and if you add a funky face mask you could even be Bane from Batman.

8. Freaky … Something

Get a fake critter (rat or something) from the store, take off the head and glue it to the back of your head. I’m not sure what this would be exactly but you’ll definitely get a reaction. (Just be careful around small children.)

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