LIFESTYLE: Four Reasons Fall Festivals Make Your Halloween Easier

By D. Lanier Shook                            October 23, 2014

Halloween is a week away and these days its becoming as stressful as Christmas — well, its getting there. Between costumes, events, parties, and safety your list is getting longer and longer. Especially if you’re a parent.

Fortunately there are a group of people in your community trying to make your life easier. These are churches who hold Fall Festivals to provide a pleasant experience for children. Fall Festivals are probably as close as your neighborhood house of worship, so here are four reasons to keep your eyes open for them.

1. They’ll save you time

Each church provides you one location to visit. That means just one stop, not several. Your kids will get the entire trick or treat experience condensed into an hour or less.

2. The kids will have more fun

Most local congregation have as much fun as the kids. They go all out, bringing lots of candy and putting on all sorts of attractions for the little ones. This includes games and bounce houses. They turn Halloween from a night to just collect candy to a social event where children can interact with each other. One year West Asheville Baptist Church turned their entire educational building into a huge fun factory. Each Sunday School class filled their classrooms with games and there was a bounce house in the gym, plus a Ferris Wheel for stuffed animals.

3. The people will be friendlier

Congregations want you to come. They want you visit. They will welcome you.

4. It’s a great example for your children

These people are volunteering their time and effort. In our “selfie culture” that can be hard to find. This is a great way to show your kids that folks still volunteer and give to community events.


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