LIFESTYLE: Julie Wunder Is Neither Gone Nor Forgotten

By D. Lanier Shook                           August 19, 2014

Its been just over a year since we shared about Julie Wunder’s blog/online lifestyle magazine , Running In A Skirt, that’s chock full of excellent content. (Click here to read that article.)  That’s where she discusses what she’s reading, what she’s cooking, what she’s wearing, and where she’s running. The most impressive part about all this impressive content is the fact Julie posted it while holding down her full time job as an anchor/newscaster on WLOS 13. Anyone who maintains a steady blogging schedule can tell you this is a challenge that few are up to.

WLOS was where most of us met Julie and that’s where she provided top notch news and weather for 11 years, until the end of last month. You can click here to read about her last day at the station or click here to watch the station’s farewell. But we’re here to tell you that Julie Wunder is far from gone and definitely not forgotten.

Since the first of August Julie has posted an article on Running In a Skirt once every two days, on average. That’s why you need to click here and subscribe to her blog. But don’t have to take my word for it, just check out the articles she’s posted.

Of course, Julie isn’t just active on her blog. She has an online presence on other social media platforms such as:

Of course all of this incredible content is free. (Well, not free, as any blogger can tell you, but it is available at no charge to you.) That’s one of the two reasons we’re sharing this with you. Incredible content that is consistently posted not only deserves recognition, but you deserve to know about it. So check out the links above to wish Julie Wunder the best and enjoy the great content she’s generating.

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