ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: Three Reasons You Need to Attend The Craft Fair

By D. Lanier Shook                                   June 23, 2014

There are some things everyone should go to. The Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands is one of those events. Everyone has to buy presents for someone. Everyone has to decorate something. Everyone needs a hobby. Everyone needs to see something inspirational.

In March we shared about our visit to the Craft Gallery in Biltmore Village. (Click here to read the article.) Well, everything we saw there is at the Craft Fair, along with a whole lot more. You need to click here and visit their homepage, which is where you can find all the details. As promised, here are five reasons to attend.

First, The Craft Fair is Close and Affordable

The Craft Fair will take place next month at the U.S. Cellular Center, so its right in our backyard. It will run from Thursday the 17th to Sunday the 20th. Admission is only eight dollar and kids under 12 are free. This is the perfect way to spend the weekend and here’s why.

Second, You Can See Absolutely Amazing Craft Demonstrations

This July you’ll enjoy heritage lace, blacksmithing, woodcarving, and sunprinting, among others. Sunprinting is a unique artform that uses paint and the sun to create prints. You can find out more by clicking here to read the Craft Guild’s Press Release.

Third, You Can Hear Incredible Music

Over the weekend, nine talented performers will take the stage at the Fair. These include several you may have heard at the Mountain State Fair, including The Reems Creek Incident and Carol Rifkin. Once again, just click here to read the Craft Guild’s Press Release.


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