FESTIVAL: Drum Up Fun at the Asheville Percussion Festival

By D. Lanier Shook        June 19, 2014

Western North Carolina is historically famous for its musical heritage. This heritage continues Friday through Sunday at the Asheville Percussion Festival. You can enjoy all the fun at several locations across Asheville, which makes it convenient, too.

This will be the third year the Asheville Percussion Festival brings the joy of drumming to our city. If you’re interested in music, learning how to drum, wellness, international music, or free concerts you need to click here to visit the Festival’s website. All the information about locations, events, artists, and scheduling is there.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy artists you’ve heard of, like Billy Jonas, and others you haven’t. Its a great time to experience music from around the globe. And its a great way to save time and gasoline since its here in Asheville.

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