LIFESTYLE: Wall Street Journal Invites Readers to “Bring Their Cash to Asheville”

By D. Lanier Shook             May 18, 2014

On Friday the Wall Street Journal featured Asheville’s luxury homes in their Mansion section. An article on page M12 was titled “Bring Your Cash to Asheville: Luxury home prices in this popular North Carolina are again reaching record levels.” You can read the full article by Cecilie Rohwedder by clicking here to visit the Journal’s website.

The article discussed the demographic groups attracted to Asheville and why they come. It went in depth discussing the various neighborhoods, including West Asheville, the River Arts District, and Biltmore Forest. While it focused largely on luxury homes well above a million dollars, the article would be of interest to anyone looking to sell or buy in Buncombe County.

Here’s a list of local real estate agents the Journal interviewed for the article. Click on each of their names to connect to their websites. They also mentioned

This is a great article for anyone interested in Asheville, Buncombe County, real estate here, or why its a great place to live, so click here to read it at the Journal’s site. Of course, the Wall Street Journal is a great place to come up with the money to buy one of the homes they discuss. (They also had a great story in the same issue about how the French would prefer selling a energy firm to the Germans than the Americans.) Big thanks to Cecilie Rohwedder & the Journal for this great article. Keep up the great work!

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