ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: Introducing My Debut Novel ‘Town Not For Sale’

By D. Lanier Shook                                    May 19, 2014

The workplace is a great place to find a love interest, but it can also be a romantic minefield. Too often the focus on sex leads to hatred, but even at best it can lead to awkward workplace politics. That’s what my debut novel Town Not For Sale is all about. It’s the story of two women who were victimized by the same man. But he isn’t satisfied and is back to destroy everything they hold dear. Unfortunately stories like this happen all too often in workplaces all around us.

Doris Malone is your extraordinary small town girl who made it to the big time in high finance. But shock and sleaze sent her back to her idyllic Midwestern hometown. Now Trevor, the man who victimized her, is back and Doris is not the only one in his sights. She must summon all her strength and find new allies to save everything she holds dear.

Town Not For Sale deals with sex, hatred, and workplace politics against the background of modern corporate life. Along the way I address several questions about the modern corporation and its sustainability. Whatever you think of modern American business, wherever you’ve worked, and whatever your political views, this novel will raise questions for you.

Fortunately you can read the first 22 pages for free just by clicking here. If you like what you see then buy it for just $6.50. That’s 35% off the regular price.

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