FESTIVAL: Five Reasons GeekOut Asheville Is Going To Be A Treat

By D. Lanier Shook                          May 13, 2014

Comics book rule! Right now Spider Man helps the Post Office deliver, Beast is helping Hardee’s sell burgers, and comic book movies are doing better than ever. While alot of folks don’t consider comic books and superheroes serious movie material, alot of other folks feel like doing backflips for joy over the recent popularization of comic book culture.

If you’re one of those folks who love comic books then you’ll want to be at GeekOut Asheville in about three weeks. (If you’re really into comic book culture then just go ahead and click here to visit their website.) For everyone else here are a couple of great reasons to at least check out their website and maybe pop up to the Sherrill Center.

Comic Book Culture Has Gone Mainstream and Isn’t Going Back in the Bottle

Are comic book movies a fad? No. We’ve had comic book movies that were awful and a few years later they were remade. (Fill in the blank with your favorite flop.) Comic books are big business and that’s one of the biggest reasons they’re here to stay. GeekOut Asheville is a great place to find out more about this cultural phenomena.

Comic Books Are Fun For Everyone (well, mostly everyone)

What is a comic book? That’s like asking what’s a superhero. Superheroes range from ticked off cops (The Punisher) to vigilante billionaires (Iron Man and Batman) to completely non-human (The Martian Manhunter and Howard the Duck).

Comic books range from family friendly (Mickey Mouse, Scrooge McDuck, among others) to far from family friendly in both theme and images. If you can’t find a graphic novel or comic book that you like then just wait a few minutes because someone will be creating it. Recent graphic novels I’ve seen included a Oliver Twist and Artemis Fowl.

GeekOut Asheville Has Alot to Offer

When you visit GeekOut Asheville you can expect to find folks dressed in homage to their favorite superheroes, but you should expect even more. There’ll be a face painting workshop. There’s going to be a reception at the nationally recognized ZaPow Gallery downtown. The workshop about making a costume on the cheap isn’t just for Comic Convention, its for every year at Halloween.

Inspire your kids’ creativity at the ModelBlocks workshop where Minecraft meets the real world. Discuss the cultural phenomena of vampires at a lecture. Explore how puppets were actually used in Joss Whedon’s Buffy tv show. And if you don’t like comics at all then you may still be interested in a lecture about famous cars in movies.

That’s only a small taste of what you can expect over the weekend at GeekOut Asheville. You really need to click here and check out what else they have planned. Honest, they have something for everyone.

Its Close to Home and Affordable

GeekOut Asheville is going to be on the campus of UNCA at the Sherrill Center. (Click here for times and directions.) That’s pretty close for alot of Western North Carolina. You can buy a weekend pass for $25. (Click here for ticket information.)

You’ll Meet Famous People and Great Vendors

As I write this there are 33 different folks coming to share about comics, animation, and the industry. If you’re a writer, artist, or have children who aspire to a creative career, this is where you need to be. Here are only a few of these folks.

  • The Engineer Guy works with moldmaking and casting.
  • Lisa Biggs is a veteran voiceover artist. These artists are in high demand for everything from cartoons to advertising.
  • Alfred Ramirez is a successful illustrator with several graphic novels to his credit.
  • Megan Shepherd traveled with the Peace Corps before settling down to write Young Adult thrillers which have been optioned for feature films.
  • Madison J. Cripps is a professional puppeteer who lives here in Asheville.
  • Sonya Thompson’s acting credits include The Walking Dead, Zombieland, Halloween 2, and The Blind Side.

Of course GeekOut Asheville isn’t just about the lectures. It’s also a great place to get the perfect present for the geek in your life or the person who has everything. Here are a few of the 20 vendors and over 30 artists that will be there.

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