ROADTRIP: Outdoor Gems In Traveler’s Rest

By D. Lanier Shook                                   May 6, 2014
When you’re headed for Greenville, South Carolina do you just buzz right through Traveler’s Rest or do you stop to enjoy the town? If you’ve always rolled right through then you’re missing out on a vibrant community with alot to offer. Why, you might even think Traveler’s Rest just consists of three booming shopping centers and several chain restaurants.


Turn right, not left!

Traveler’s Rest is in a “sweet spot” between the North Carolina border and Greenville. The proximity to Greenville, Furman University, and the mountains create a unique mix of small town America with lots of outdoor activity thrown. Whatever your preferred level of outdoor activity the town has something to offer.

The Swamp Rabbit Trail will appeal to hard core biking and running enthusiasts or someone who just enjoys long walks. It extends from South Greenville to Traveler’s Rest. Greenville County’s investment in the Trail shows their dedication to quality of life and fitness. You can click here to learn more about the Trail.


After you’ve run all the way to Traveler’s Rest and need to catch your breath you can enjoy this pocket park near the Traveler’s Rest Public Library. It’s a Southern Reading Garden graciously donated by the Traveler’s Rest Garden Club, Mountain Laurel Garden Club, Traveler’s Rest Women’s Club, Traveler’s Rest Evening Women’s Club, Northern Area Community, and J. Dabney Peeples Design Associates in 1996. These two outdoor spaces are only one reason why Traveler’s Rest is a place you should spend more time. I’m planning my next trip right now.


A Southern Reading Garden at the Traveler’s Rest Public Library.

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