ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: Three Ways to Keep Your Favorite TV Show on the Air

By D. Lanier Shook                                       April 30, 2014

What is your favorite television show? What’s your favorite show ever? What’s your favorite show right now?

Last night I got the chance to watch ABC’s Agents of SHIELD, which I dearly love. (Click here to read Ten Reasons I think its worth watching.) Today more than ever its hard for t.v. shows to succeed. Competition from DVDs, the Internet, and other shows is fiercer than ever.

Fortunately fans can help. Here are Three Ways to keep your favorite shows on the air.

1. Create a Buzz

If you’re not on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest or WordPress then you don’t really love your show. Well, you may love your show but you’re not expressing it the right way. Shows like Agents of SHIELD need fans who will tell the world how much they love the show. Unless you’re willing to stand up and be counted, you’ve already voted against it.

Its not hard to create a buzz. Like them on Facebook, share a supportive image on Instagram, or Retweet the show on Twitter. This not only spreads the word about the show, it lets the show’s producers and industry watchers know someone is watching.

I like Agents of SHIELD because I like the genre. Its my kind of show, a more family friendly version of Torchwood. That’s why I Tweet whenever I watch it. That’s why I wrote a blog post about it. (That’s also why I keep mentioning it right now.)

2. Live Tweet During the Show

Life happens and even if you’re a fan of a show you’ll probably miss one or two episodes. But if you’re a fan of the show you will catch as many as possible. When you do get to watch the show Tweet about it using its hashtag.

There are industry watchers monitoring the Internet for chatter about these shows. If folks get excited about it then they’ll Tweet. Wall Street likes it when folks are excited about it. Enough folks watching are a powerful incentive to renew the show for another season.

3. Tweet About the Commercials

A few years ago I read the book Desperate Networks. (Click here to check it out.) It was an amazing peek into a industry driven by advertisers. That’s why I always tweet about three or four ads during Agents of SHIELD.

Last night I tweeted about Maytag, Godzilla, and ABC’s Motive. When I tweet about these ads it gives the advertisers more exposure and rewards them for supporting the show. It also lets them know I’m not just watching the show but also watching their ads.

That brings up another great point. If you record the show to watch later you just might be tempted to skip the ads. If you love the show don’t. If there’s one thing an advertiser would be more impressed with than live Tweeting about ads it would be recorded Tweeting.

For better or worse ads are what runs the tv industry. You ignore this fact at the peril of the shows you love. Or you can use this fact to help the advertisers so they’ll help keep your favorite show on the air.

So I’ll wrap up this article by saying that the Maytag ad last night during Agents of SHIELD was great. (That’s the one with the Maytag guys squatting in the floor where the washer and dryer are.) Keep up the good work.


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