ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: Hear Local Star Squire Parsons For Free

By D. Lanier Shook                                     April 28, 2014

Western North Carolina is an area full of amazing talent. One you may have heard of is Squire Parsons. His talented voice has inspired and comforted audiences locally and nationally.

This Friday — May 2 — is a chance for you to hear him at Fletcher First Baptist in a free concert at 7 pm. Fletcher First Baptist is located on Highway 25 — Hendersonville Road— across from the Fletcher Library. To get there just follow Hendersonville Road south from Asheville or take I-26 Exit 44 and take a left hand turn north.

Fletcher First Baptist is a vibrant, friendly congregation that makes a habit of bringing great music to the community. You can click here to visit their website and learn about other concerts they’ll be hosting during the summer. That’s also where you can keep up with the services and revivals they hold.

Squire Parsons is one of the musicians that make this part of the country a great place to live. In May he’ll be singing at twenty different locations and you can find out about each one by clicking here to view his schedule. That’s also a great place to hear his music and also pick up some great deals at his online store.

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