FESTIVAL: Five Reasons to Attend Asheville Herb Festival

By D. Lanier Shook                                              April 26, 2014

Have you ever met a flavor you just didn’t like. When a friend recently tried a new bag of chips and declared dislike I pointed out they contained cilantro. Four years ago I learned that cilantro can have a soap-like taste. (Thanks to Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s award winning Splendid Table show which you can enjoy by clicking here.) This is only one example how herbs can shape the way our foods taste.

The perfect place to find out alot more is the Asheville Herb Festival which arrives at the WNC Farmer’s Market next weekend. You can join 35,000 other folks to learn how wonderful herbs are and the best way to use them. You’ll definitely want to click here and visit their website to get all the details.

So here are Five Reasons to Attend the Herb Festival

1. Do you want to enjoy your food more?

Herbs enhance the flavor of what you eat. Whether you want to change it completely or just add a little zest, herbs are the answer. The Herb Festival is the place to find out more.

2. Do you want to be healthier?

Herbs have a tremendous potential to make you feel better in the short and long term. My mother uses licorice to soothe a sore throat.  The folks at the Herb Festival know all about this and even more.

3. Would you like to find a new source of income?

Herbs are becoming more and more popular. Sure, you can grow them in a pot on your window sill, but you can also grow them in a greenhouse to sell. The Herb Festival is the starting place for economic security in these troubled times.

4. Would you like to learn ancient wisdom?

The use of herbs are as old as humanity itself. Two thousand years ago Christ rebuked His opponents for tithing mint, anise, and cumin but neglecting mercy and faith. Come to the Herb Festival and find out what the ancients knew.

5. Would you like to save money, get great food, and enjoy time with your family?

The Herb Festival is free and lasts all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you live in Asheville this is a great time to gather the clan and enjoy quality time together. You’ll definitely want to click here and visit the Asheville Herb Festival website.

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