LIFESTYLE: Help Rob Help the Hungry This Weekend

By D. Lanier Shook                                                       April 24, 2014

Folks who listen to Rob Dempsey in the morning are used to hearing him talk about the Rob’s Big Losers weight loss group. (Click here to visit their website.) You may not have heard Rob talking about his work with U.S. Hunger.

U.S. Hunger Project is an exciting outreach of Feeding Children Everywhere. These folks are helping meet the very real need in communities all around each one of us. The U.S. Hunger Project organizes volunteers in Packing Events where tasty, all natural, GMO free, vegan meals are packaged for under 25 cents each.

If this sounds interesting you’ll want to click here and visit the U.S. Hunger website. You can learn more about Packing Events happening this weekend in Savannah, Raliegh, and just down the road in Greenville by clicking here to visit the HIS Radio website.

So click here to visit the website and don’t forget me when you’re famous.

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