ROADTRIP: The Murals of Traveler’s Rest Are Worth a Quick Detour

By D. Lanier Shook                            March 27, 2014

If you travel from Asheville (or Hendersonville) to Greenville, South Carolina I’d say you take Highway 25 through Traveler’s Rest. You probably turn left at the new Welcome Sign and drive through the newer business district. That’s a great route with incredible shopping and good dining but you’re missing out on alot.


Turn RIGHT right here. (It won’t take much longer, I promise.)

When you see the Welcome Sign make a right hand turn down the North Poinsett Highway, then take a right when the highway splits again. You should come out on Highway 276 with Sunrift Adventures to your right. (Click here to visit their awesome website. They’re an outfitter with everything from GoPro cameras to the little handles you put on a climbing wall.) Take a left hand turn, then drive until you see this mural.

This may be worth  the detour all by itself.

This alone is worth the detour. Its in the parking lot of the Whistlestop at the American Cafe.

This historic mural is on the side of the Whistlestop at the American Cafe. (Click here to visit their website.) They were closed when I came by and if you visit their website you’ll see why that’s unfortunate. This is a dining establishment with great railroad themed atmosphere and an incredible menu. While you’re in the parking lot next to that mural turn around and look up the street where you’ll see this.

This is an incredible use of positive/negative space.

This is an incredible use of positive/negative space.

The boxing gloves are naturally on the side of South Main Street Boxing. If you live in the Traveler’s Rest area and are interested in their range of fitness service click here to visit their Facebook page, click here to keep up with them on Twitter, or click here to visit their YouTube channel. These are only two of the amazing businesses that make Traveler’s Rest an amazing place to visit and to live.

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